Give me all the triathlons!

Tomorrow is the big day for our girl, Erin, and for so many others taking on the first Keji Multisport Festival and Women’s Only Triathlon and I can feel excitement while sitting at my desk typing this post. I asked Erin for some final thoughts and her texts are full of extra exclamation marks this morning!

A transformation has been taking place since I started working on this project. I have been learning about a new sport, meeting new people, but by far the most amazing thing is to watch my friend set a new goal and work her butt off to reach it.  It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Ms. Bremner already has a goal in mind for after this event…and she hasn’t even left for Kejimkujik yet!!!

I’ve heard rumours that there’s quite the triathlon training group growing in the Hants County area which was born from this event. This transformation is spreading: Erin has gathered a group of other inspiring and motivated women around her.  These ladies embody the spirit of what I believe the Keji Multisport Festival aimed to create.  Women ARE being encouraged and empowered to pursue outdoor endurance sports while enjoying the beauty of our natural surroundings. There’s magic in that idea and there’s magic in these faces.


The women in this picture ARE at the centre of something big and important: they are shining examples of the strength and power women have can awaken in each other. They have supported each other in doing something physically and mentally difficult. They have shown their families and friends that a woman with a goal is a force to be reckoned with.

I am so damned proud of these women and not proud in an ownership way like when you show off that amazing painting you just did while dizzy on wine at PaintNite, but in a way where you are truly excited to witness a fellow human being do something amazing.  I understand the struggle of swimming and I’ve never even been tangled in eel grass so I can imagine Erin’s joy and satisfaction in working her butt off and seeing improvement.

Erin and her girls are packing up the camper and will be headed to Keji this afternoon and I wish them and everyone else participating in the Keji Multisport Festival and Women’s Only Triathlon the best of luck. Erin joked that next year she might even put her face in the water, but her determination this year has been inspiring to watch. Inspiring enough to have me wondering if I might find myself dipping my toes in the water of a new sport…


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