I ran 21.1 kilometres today and it felt very different than any other half marathon I’ve done. It was slower than my other races yet it went by so quickly. I didn’t stop to pee and I cruised up the hills. I feel like I could go back out there and keep moving. You all […]

Are you ready to hit the trALE?

As an event planner my job is to help other fitness and wellness entrepreneurs create an impact and generate some sales through live events. So far, all of these events have been amazing experiences: watching women take to hills on snowboards for the first time, watching a gymnasium full of strong AF women celebrate their […]

Dear Person Who Get Sh*t Done

Dear Person Who Gets Shit Done, I see you out there working your butt off trying to make a difference in the world around you. You probably have a full-time job in addition to your passion-project, and there’s a good chance you are a parent, too. Not to mention the extracurricular activities you’ve got on […]