The Impact of Silence

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident yesterday morning after dropping my kids off at school. I was alone in the car when it happened, thankfully, but I’m writing about it because it was an experience I’m having difficulty describing. It’s true what they say about things moving in slow motion when you’re inContinue reading “The Impact of Silence”

Today is not for us. It’s for you.

It’s World Mental Health Awareness Day and I know there are so many millions like me who are all too aware. We are so constantly aware that it’s impossible to ignore. It’s something we live with 24/7, 365. We don’t need a day, but the rest of you do. You need a day to acknowledgeContinue reading “Today is not for us. It’s for you.”

Bear with me as things change

  I love summer. Shorts and sunscreen and more freckles than I can count and I miss it. Autumn arrived a week ago and while I’m still not emotionally ready for long pants and hoodies, I’m ready for change. The changing leaves are especially beautiful here in Nova Scotia (if you haven’t visited our partContinue reading “Bear with me as things change”

If you own a uterus or know someone who does…read on.

My runs this week have been governed by my uterus. That little internal nest has been the focus of the last 4 days and inspired this post (obviously). I don’t think I was aware I even had a uterus until Grade 4 when I read Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. While it remained silent forContinue reading “If you own a uterus or know someone who does…read on.”

Finding Love on the Internet

I’ll spare you the details of my adventures in online dating as a 41 year old soon-to-be-divorced mompreneur, but I am finding love on the internet. I love Facebook memories because they free up space in my brain and remind me of special anniversaries, like the one where I connected with my podcast co-host Melissa.Continue reading “Finding Love on the Internet”

Are you ready to hit the trALE?

As an event planner my job is to help other fitness and wellness entrepreneurs create an impact and generate some sales through live events. So far, all of these events have been amazing experiences: watching women take to hills on snowboards for the first time, watching a gymnasium full of strong AF women celebrate theirContinue reading “Are you ready to hit the trALE?”