What is your fitness worth?

Why does your race cost so much?

As you know, I’m an event planner, so I’ve seen the ins and outs of all kinds of events from weddings to community festivals to local races. One issue that comes up with every single event is the budget, which makes sense because if you’ve ever planned a kid’s birthday party, you know everything costs money.

How much did your wedding cost? How much was your son’s last birthday party? What about New Year’s Eve out on the town? What do all of these have in common? They’re more than just events: they’re experiences that become valued memories.

Some races cost less and some cost more. I won’t go into a budget breakdown but consider there is the venue, insurance, porta potties, race bibs, safety, swag, food, promotion…When people ask me why such-and-such an event costs so much, I’ve started asking this question back:

What is your fitness worth?



I raised this issue with a fellow race director recently and he reminded me that most Tough Mudder events start around $70. Ever considered a Spartan Sprint? That’s gonna run you over $140. I just checked out the Ironman Mont-Tremblant website and general entry is currently at over $700! It would appear that to many folks, their fitness experience is worth that much, so I ask again: What is YOUR fitness worth?

I’ve often heard that when money is tight, fitness is the first thing in the budget to go. I really hope we can shift that mindset because your health and fitness should be a priority. Yes, I’m telling you what should be a priority in your life. Without your physical and mental health, what kind of life do you even have?

Make fitness your FIRST priority

Can you put a price on your health and fitness? Not sure? Look to our neighbours south of the border and they can let you in on the price of illness. I remember when a student at the school I worked at near Atlanta, Georgia was admitted to a hospital and she was charged $200 for the use of a pillowcase! Illness is expensive, bro! That $50 race registration fee doesn’t sound so unreasonable now, does it?

I’m not trying to give you a hard time for budgeting your money or for being careful about how you spend your hard-earned dollars. I’m not even really asking you to look at what goes into the event from a planner/host’s perspective.

I’m asking you to look at what YOU put into that event.

Do you set a goal?

Do you train and work towards reaching it?

Do you challenge yourself and reach new limits?

Do you get outside and enjoy nature?

Do you spend time with friends and family?

Do you create a new habit that contributed to your overall health and well-being?

Do you have an experience that will become a valued memory?


Change your mindset about your fitness spending. Your personal growth and well-being IS a priority. Your fitness IS worth the investment.

Here’s the permission you’re looking for: Go ahead and register!





Published by Mindset Events

I have been active in the fitness and wellness industry for almost 20 years and I've combined my love for event planning with my love of fitness! I help other businesses share their talents with the world through custom-built live events. I have Bachelor of Science Honours in Human Kinetics and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Ottawa and I have been a Personal Trainer Specialist with CanFitPro since 2005.

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