Post-event blues

The Falmouth TrALE Run was on Saturday so I spent yesterday feeling the way I assume many event planners feel the day after a big event: kinda bummed it’s all over.



After spending hours at the computer or on my phone speaking with vendors and sponsors and promoting the event on social media and answering participants’ inquiries, and after the rush of runners arriving, starting then crossing the finish line, things slowed down around 6pm and we could take a deep breath. It was over for another year! The event host and I packed up while her dedicated search and rescue volunteer hubby took care of  all the heavy lifting (thank you, Mr. Isenor!) We grabbed a quick bite at her house before heading off to the after-party a friend and fellow Junkie hosted, but I took off for home before I curled up and fell asleep in a corner somewhere. The day was over, all of that hard work paid off and our TrALErs had a great time.crazyTrALErs

Now what? No emergency emails or last minute changes to the race list or event schedule. We’ve sent out thank yous and are sorting through feedback and I finalized the finances earlier today.  I guess all that’s left to do to cure the post-event blues is to get to work on the next event;-)

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