Dear Person Who Get Sh*t Done

Dear Person Who Gets Shit Done,

I see you out there working your butt off trying to make a difference in the world around you. You probably have a full-time job in addition to your passion-project, and there’s a good chance you are a parent, too. Not to mention the extracurricular activities you’ve got on the go. I see you.

I see the hard work you put in on a daily basis and I see you as you race across town to make a parent teacher meeting or get the groceries done before your next appointment. I scroll through social media and see how you’re inspiring others and lifting your followers up. I see all of this and wonder what you’re feeling on the inside.

I wonder if you’re losing hair due to the stress of feeling alone as you try to keep your life organized. I wonder if you ever take the scenic route home so you can have a few extra minutes to yourself. I wonder if you doubt every decision you make and sometimes question if what internet trolls say about you is true.

I know you’re setting goals and pushing through the rain and the pain to reach them, because you are driven and motivated and people look up to you. You might even lie awake at night thinking about the people you’ve had to lose from your life because they don’t understand why you keep pushing forward the way you do.

You’ve seen more struggle and heartache than most and you know what rejection and failure taste like. You know what hard work means and you understand that success doesn’t happen overnight. I see you using the time in the elevator to cross one more task off your list which is never-ending.

I know you’ve read dozens of books and attended workshops to better yourself. I’d even bet that you have a personal mantra or affirmation you repeat quietly under your breath when you’re stuck in traffic. You’ve grown, and some people might even accuse you of having changed. You’ve accepted that because you’re growing and changing right now as you read this.

You are someone who gets shit done. You are someone who motivates the world around you just by being you. You understand that to create change you must be the change and you revel in it. You love the taste of a setback because you comeback even stronger and that’s a goal worth pursuing in itself.

You are someone who gets shit done and not everyone understands that. We both know that is what sets you apart. You are not like everyone else and that’s an amazing gift to give the world.

So, from someone who sees you: keep that shit up.


Why I’m Running Everyday in December

It’s December 9th and it’s about -7 degrees Celsius (about 20 degrees Fahrenheit for my American readers) and I just got back from a frosty 5k scoot around the neighbourhood. Now why the heck would I choose to bundle up and hit the snow-covered sidewalk when I could’ve joined my father by the fire for another Hallmark Christmas movie?

  1. Hershey’s Kisses. Yup. Those little assholes hop into my shopping cart every dang time I go through the checkout and I need to do something to counteract their effects.
  2. Keep it on the rails. Life can get chaotic this time for year for many of us and my life is no exception. I decided to run at least 1km every day this month because I need to have a goal to keep me focused on moving forward. Craziness pops up, but I know I’m on track when I start running.
  3. Running is my therapy. I still check in with an actual human therapist regularly, but there’s nothing quite like lacing up and working up a sweat to clear the mind and process what’s been swimming around upstairs.
  4. Maintain. I worked hard this summer/fall to get to half marathon ability and it would be a shame to let it waste away. I’m respecting the hours I spent preparing by maintaining a certain level of fitness.
  5. Excuses are bullshit. It’s true and you know it. Deep down you know you’re full of crap when you say you don’t have time. One kilometre? What’s that? Maybe 6 minutes out of a day? I’m not immune to fooling myself with excuses of being too busy or it being too cold, but it’s really tough to argue against one single kilometre.
  6. Because I can. I have the privilege of being able to put one foot in front of the other and I’m going to appreciate it. I’m grateful for every single step I take and each run is an act of gratitude this month.
  7. Setting the stage for 2019. I don’t make resolutions but I set the hell out of many goals every year and all year. Ending the year on a note of achievement and commitment to getting something done makes working towards my big goals for 2019 that much easier to launch.


So, even though December is well under way, that doesn’t mean you can’t set a mini-challenge for yourself and start it now. You have three weeks to end 2018 on a high note and ring in 2019 with a victory!


I’d love to hear what you’ve decided to challenge yourself with for the rest of the month: or find me on

Twitter @MerakiEventPlan


 Instagram @merakieventplanning 



Why you need to follow the rules!

I get inspired at the weirdest times and last night was one of those times. Actually, it was this morning at 1:44am when I wrapped up my weekly coaching call with the Kilted Coaches. I hung up from the boys and carried on an ongoing conversation with an MMA fighter I recently connected with who’s out on the west coast at the moment (stay tuned for a chat with him, by the way). Our chat led to me tuning into an episode of The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes podcast which discussed how to avoid anxiety and burnout.

I was exhausted but inspired by my late night/early morning session but I resisted the urge to hop out of bed and type out this post. Why did I set an alarm to write it this afternoon instead of doing it when inspiration hit? It all comes down to rules. I’m a law abiding citizen and was always a good girl in school, but those aren’t the rules I’m talking about (although I am strongly suggesting you obey the laws wherever you live!) I’m talking about setting rules for your life and sticking to them.

When I decided to separate from my husband I wrote some rules to keep me focused and guide me through this difficult process: rules like no trash talking on Facebook, consider the best interests of the kids when making decisions, make time for myself and my goals a priority, stay positive, not feeling guilty for making the choices I make…get it? In this episode of his podcast, Lewis Howes suggested setting rules for your health and fitness, too. Some of his rules are making your bed, setting a wake up and go to bed time, making a daily workout non-negotiable. That got me thinking about how it really is important to create rules and stick to them.

Think about the most successful people you know.

Their success is no fluke. They set up routines and systems and habits that they stick to because they provide direction and guidance and they work! In training for a half marathon I can’t just go out and run whenever I feel like it for random amounts of time or random distances. Every runner knows you need to find a program and stick to it!

I’m hearing the Kilted Coaches tell me to “stick to the damn plan” right now as I type this (it’s ok that I hear voices in this instance) and it’s so simple but we ignore the value of following rules and following a plan so often and that’s where we encounter doubt and uncertainty and get knocked off-track!

I encourage you to sit down and set a few rules for yourself RIGHT NOW! Set them then follow them, maybe even print them out and post them by your bed or in your office and let me know what changes in your life as a result.


creativity is Intelligence having funHere are my current daily rules but know that this list will grow and change as my goals shift!


It’s time to get brutally honest

Many of you know I won a spot in the The Kilted Coaches‘ 12 week everLEaN program which starts TOMORROW! Hell yeah! I was so excited to find out I won a spot I did a little dance (yes, I friggin’ well danced a jig in my kitchen!)  I’ve been looking forward to the program because even though I’m working towards a half marathon in October, I’m not as strong as I would like and my eating isn’t as tidy as I would like, either. So,  Woo hoo! Bring it on! right? Then today Coach Stephen sent me a message reminding me to take my before photos and record my measurements. Am I the only person who shivers at the thought of putting yourself out there like this? Especially putting your before photos AND measurements out there to two uber-handsome kilted muscle men?!?!?

Also, part of the deal is to participate in their weekly Facebook Lives and discuss my progress and issues with fitness, nutrition, and mindset. That means my face and body and weight and my struggles and challenges will be broadcast around the world to every kilt fan.

How come I’m NOT freaking out and quietly hiding under a kilted rock instead of participating?

I’m a pretty positive person, so I haven’t forgotten that my achievements and successes over the next 12 weeks will also be broadcast and celebrated. If you’ve scrolled through my Instagram gallery, you’ll see that I spend a lot of time encouraging others to #loveyourselffirst so it’s time for me to buck up and walk the walk!

What does that mean exactly?

I will be posting my progress photos and measurements to The Kilted Coaches app as required by the program, but I will also post them here for all of you to see. I will be posting all of my progress photos and body measurements for all of you to see. I need to put myself out there if I expect anyone else to do the same. I’m ready to get honest with where I am in my fitness and nutrition and I want to be honest with my audience.

Stephen and Rab have asked us to set goals for the program and aside from my obvious goal of crossing the finish line of my first half-marathon, here a few goals I need support in achieving:

  1. drink 2700mL water EVERY SINGLE DAY
  2. consume a serving of protein at every meal
  3. consume 5 servings of vegetables (no substituting fruit for a veggie, either!)

I will include other goals as the program progresses, but I think this is a good challenge for week 1 especially since I find water so freaking boring to drink, I forget about protein all.the.time, and I don’t always find veggies fun. Deep breath…here goes nothing!



I’m all about taking on new challenges as an event planner like working on a triathlon. I’m in a committed relationship with running and I’ve been on a (spin) bike, and I’ve splashed around in a pool and at the beach but combining swimming with biking and topping it all off with a run is frankly, intimidating AF.

I’m new to the world of triathlons, but being hired to work on the Keji Multisport Festival and Women’s Triathlon has encouraged me to volunteer with the Aylesford Lake event and the upcoming 14 Wing Triathlon happening in Greenwood this Sunday. I’m enjoying experiencing a new sport and of course meeting new folks and being around the energy for an exciting event.

I’m not quite at the point where I’m ready to sign myself up but a friend of mine is and I’m so excited for her! The lovely Erin Bremner did a thing and registered for the Keji Women’s Triathlon happening September 22nd! I’ve asked her if I could follow her experience as she enters this new sport and she enthusiastically agreed, which is not a surprise if you know this gal.


I’ll be updating you on her progress as she trains for the September event and we’ll be posting videos and pictures so you can follow her journey into the wonderful world of triathlons!

Erin is in the green cap and everyone’s biggest cheerleader, Kathy Johnston-Isenor is in yellow.


Rekindle the romance with fitness

I’ve been married for 9 years so I understand that sometimes the spark fades and the romance wanes. My official relationship with fitness has existed for 19 years so just like my marriage, I need to nurture that relationship, too. This past weekend I rekindled my romance with fitness by attending a fitness conference.

I’ve been a CanFitPro member since 2005 and I’ve attended several of their annual conferences before, but this was my first one since focusing my event planning business on fitness and wellness only, so it was a special weekend for me. (And by special, I don’t just mean the fact that I had a hotel room and two whole days all to myself while my husband and the kids stayed home, either.) I attended the Vancouver Fitness Expo and I came home all jazzed up and excited with a renewed commitment to the goals of my business and to myself. It’s kind of like when you make out with a new partner for the first time.

I attended a few sessions on running with the ever-entertaining Dr. Jason Karp (I have goals to pursue his run coach certification in the next 5 years), and one of the workshops was an 8k run along with seawall. There were about a dozen of us and we stopped along the way to look at the leaves, take in the beauty of the harbour, and really remember why we choose to run for fun. I really and truly LOVE to run and it’s not just for fitness. Jason’s workshops and lectures ask us to ask ourselves why we do what we do. Why have we chosen health and fitness as our careers? When you encounter someone so obviously passionate about what they do it’s hard not to feel excited yourself.IMG_3067[1]


I attended a session on sugar addiction and one on goal setting. I really enjoyed the session on body image and social media in the fitness industry with Amanda Vogel. There was some good discussion surrounding fitness selfies and how we portray ourselves online: we could have spent an entire day looking at hashtags and sweaty selfies and debating the sexualization of fitness. This session really awoke in me the need for fitness professionals to recognize how important the role we play in inspiring or shaming potential clients really is. IMG_3041[1]

I took pages and pages of notes and shared photos to social media. I fan girled a little when Chad Benson of the BC Personal Training Institute walk by (seriously: this guy knows his stuff) and I chatted about struggling with depression and motherhood with some other runners and I debated the selfie phenomenon with other trainers. I learned about breathing and posture from the CHEK Institute. I was tired by the time I got home but even my ferry ride back to Vancouver Island was a new experience: I enjoyed reading a book with a coffee. I took pictures of the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen and I appreciated that so many other passengers did the same. IMG_3079[1]I had blog post ideas running through my mind and I want to get #Canada150WarmUp going again for 2018 (look us up on Facebook and commit your business or organization to participating!) I felt empowered and energized and content. I fell in love with fitness all over again. I urge you to get out of your gym or studio or clinic and attend a fitness conference. Connect with other fit pros and learn from industry experts and return to your clients with a renewed passion for what you do!