Why I’m Running Everyday in December

It’s December 9th and it’s about -7┬ádegrees Celsius (about 20 degrees Fahrenheit for my American readers) and I just got back from a frosty 5k scoot around the neighbourhood. Now why the heck would I choose to bundle up and hit the snow-covered sidewalk when I could’ve joined my father by the fire for anotherContinue reading “Why I’m Running Everyday in December”

Why I’m posting more selfies

If you follow me on Instagram (@merakieventplanning) you know that I’m a huge believer in body positivity, in encouraging others,and in learning to love yourself. Yes, I’m a fitness professional and an event planner, but I’m also working to turn the fitness industry on it’s head. I am NOT a size zero and I doContinue reading “Why I’m posting more selfies”