Are you a REAL fitness pro?

  As I am growing my Instagram following, I’m noticing the outrageous number of “fitness” accounts that are nothing but ripped abs, avocado toast*, and bikini selfies. It is disheartening and discouraging because that’s not what I look like and I know that’s not the reality for many potential clients out there. Fitness to meContinue reading “Are you a REAL fitness pro?”

What is self-care worth?

Self-care. It’s all over the internet: I see dozens of self-care infographics on my Pinterest feed and I hear it being discussed on afternoon talk shows (which are just on in the background while I’m busy doing other things). I even saw a thread on Twitter just yesterday about the importance of self-care to physicians.Continue reading “What is self-care worth?”

I was lying in bed reading a Mel Robbins book (“Stop Saying You’re Fine”) and she was talking about choices. About how having so many choices has become overwhelming for us and how most times when someone is presented with too many choices, they end up choosing nothing. I hopped up out of bed andContinue reading

So…what do you do?

You’ve all been asked this question. Maybe by your cousin’s new boyfriend or your dad’s colleague or the person sitting next to you on a plane. So, what do you do? How do you answer that? “I’m a personal trainer.” “I teach Zumba.” “I’m a physiotherapist.” “I’m just an osteopath.” Come on friends! Let’s changeContinue reading “So…what do you do?”

Stop should-ing yourself and get on with it!

I haven’t posted in awhile and I apologize. I feel guilty about it and I’m plagued by “shoulds” (as in I should have written on this day, or I should have posted about such and such). Should-ing yourself is tiring so I’m done. I encourage you to be done with the shoulds in your lifeContinue reading “Stop should-ing yourself and get on with it!”

Find out what your clients need then give it to them.

I am currently on Day 6 of an 11 day cross country road trip and I just discovered the fitness centre at our hotel is being used to store furniture. Don’t even get me started on the non-existent coin operated laundry facilities! I believe in being true to my word so I’m a little miffedContinue reading “Find out what your clients need then give it to them.”

Sometimes you’ve gotta toot your own horn

I’ve never been much of a horn tooter, but I’m changing my tune lately. I grew up learning to accept praise modestly and win graciously. That’s fine, but in entrepreneurship you’ve got to learn how to be your own biggest fan. I launched my business almost 2 years ago and since Meraki’s birthday, I’ve beenContinue reading “Sometimes you’ve gotta toot your own horn”