Dream big or go home:this is a HUGE event!

A few months ago I came up with an idea while I was high on adrenaline from another fantastic event. I shared my idea with some like-minded fitness folks and it’s grown to become #Canada150WarmUp. (It’s called a warm up because it’s an event to get us excited for Canada Day but also because it’sContinue reading “Dream big or go home:this is a HUGE event!”

How much time do you spend on the floor? The pelvic floor, that is.

This is the first post of a two-part spotlight on the pelvic floor. This post is geared more towards fitness professionals, while the next post will be addressed more to fitness and wellness clients.   I’m a mother of two so I’m well acquainted with my pelvic floor. It’s one of those areas that byContinue reading “How much time do you spend on the floor? The pelvic floor, that is.”

Something worth getting excited about

I just got home from a busy day and I’m feeding the kids, feeding myself, dealing with the issues that came up during the day, and surveying my social media when I saw that a fellow military spouse had just posted her elevator pitch on a Facebook group I’m part of. Turns out she’s involvedContinue reading “Something worth getting excited about”

Once upon a time I did something crazy

All throughout middle school and junior high I disliked gym class. I was the competent bystander (I term I later earned in my Teaching Methods in Physical Education course): I would get to the front of the line and all of a sudden have to tie my shoe and then quickly scoot my butt toContinue reading “Once upon a time I did something crazy”

Guest Post! What #IAmStrong means to me

Today’s blog post was written by a member of my fitness tribe, Fitness Junkies, based in Windsor, NS. She’s everything #IAmStrong celebrates!   I am strong. It’s something I used to resent hearing. I thought it was a backhanded compliment, like when someone called me cute. To be strong meant I wasn’t thin, or IContinue reading “Guest Post! What #IAmStrong means to me”

Can you trust the Internet for health and fitness information?

Good morning! I’m sitting here at home, multi-tasking as usual. My 3 year old son is beside me, I’ve got “The Perfect Physique” (“documentary” on male fitness models) going on Netflix and I’m blogging.  I decided to watch this film because I’ve recently been exploring the world of women’s body image and our difficulties withContinue reading “Can you trust the Internet for health and fitness information?”

My name is Shannon and I’m a size 10.

I recently had headshots taken (by the wonderful Kristen Dunlop Photography)to use for my business and they turned out beautifully! I shared them on Facebook and of course, my family and lovely friends flooded my wall with compliments and for the first time in my life I tried really hard to accept them. I triedContinue reading “My name is Shannon and I’m a size 10.”