Why I’m Ditching The Resolutions This Year

This goal digger has decided to kick off 2020 by not making any resolutions. As a lifelong overachiever this feels awkward and strange but I’m ready for a new challenge. No resolutions, just a word.

You read that correctly: one word. No fad diets, no cleanses, no subscription workout plans…just one word and one focus.

I chose this word a few weeks ago and it will guide my path throughout the next twelve months. My word for 2020 is PEACE. You’ll remember my post about my car accident in November and how it brought about a sense of calm and peacefulness, and the freedom I felt wrapped in that feeling.

I’m being bombarded by the ads for shakes and pills and miracle waist trainers just like you are but they don’t bother me. You know why? They won’t bring me peace. I’ve been invited to join workout challenges and “teams” and received offers on gym memberships, but I haven’t even been tempted to read them. They won’t bring me peace.

Why I'm Not Making Any Resolutions This Year (1)

My focus for this new year is to do what brings me peace, what fosters peace, what spreads peace.

I am rededicating myself to a yoga practice because it calms my body and mind.

I am running to reconnect my body and soul and if that means slowing my pace, then I welcome it.

I am untangling myself from the judgments and expectations that have weighed me down. The labels that others give me belong to them and I won’t wear them anymore. 

I am following my own path and investing my energy in those who value me. I will spend time and connect with people who accept me as I am and treasure the contribution I make to their lives.

I am learning to be comfortable spending time alone because it brings with it a lot o quiet. This hushed silence opens the door for me to read, and write, and get back to who I forgot I was. 

I want peace in my home, my family, my workspace, my body and my thoughts. I know there will be moments when I waver and fall off the peaceful wagon, (I am in the midst of a divorce after all), but one word is easier to focus on than a dozen rules we set for ourselves.

So, will you consider ditching the rules and follow a word through the next year?



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