You can’t make 2019 epic without this

Happy New Year!

I was at a comedy club New Year’s Eve party last night and the comedian asked us to indicate by applause whether 2018 had been good or bad, and there was no hesitation on my part to cheer for good. Sure I have experienced more stress this year than ever before (and my hair is falling out in chunks because of it), but I’ve also experienced more love, support, encouragement, and achievement this year, too. At the end of the night on the last night of the year, those are the things that meant more to me, so that’s what I’ve decided to run into 2019 with.


And run into 2019 I did!

Amy Leon of  and I met up at one of the Running Room’s Resolution Runs today in Halifax. (She and I co-lead the Worth Living Run Amabassador program where runners promote mental health awareness and share their stories of hope and healing. ) 

The drive from New Minas (where I live) to Halifax was snowy and slow and I wondered if I shouldn’t turn around and go back to bed, but 2018 taught me the value of doing the uncomfortable thing. I’ve used the phrase “discipline over motivation” more than a few times these last few months and today was no different. I would much rather have stayed curled up in bed but I’ve come too far and worked too hard to give up on a commitment on the first flipping day of the new year!

I kept driving (slowly) and I ran into the wind and freezing rain pellets (micro-derm abrasion anyone?) Every challenging step through the snow was a reminder that I am where I am because of my refusal to give up in any circumstance. Commitment to my goals wins out over comfort.


I did not get to this point on my own and I can’t make 2019 epic without the amazing group of people I’ve been blessed to encounter.

The title for this post came out of a conversation with Jeff  (@rundemtrails on Twitter): he changed his Twitter name to “Jeff Will Make 2019 EPIC”. In speaking with him, we chatted about how doing epic things requires setting scary goals but also having the support of a community. His Birthday Challenge on Twitter created a supportive online community of runners and it was a supportive online community that connected me with Jeff in the first place!

The most influential connection I made in 2018 who is my right hand in making epic sh*t happen is Melissa Kahn of We somehow started chatting on Twitter about our shared experience with our respective ex-husbands and now we’re co-hosting a podcast together! She has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and has reminded me of my inherent strength and resilience. The guests we have spoken to so far (like Jeff) have continued to expand my network of supporters and motivation.

I ran my first half marathon in 2018 and while I pounded out the miles myself, there was a run club on my side and cheerleaders all over the country who got me across that finish line.

I couldn’t have left my marriage without my family and group of friends. I borrowed my strength from them to make a complete life change. Their love and support are what have allowed me to continue to kick ass and take names.

Are you ready to make 2019 epic?

HOW TOMake 2019 epic


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