12 weeks ago I started something that turned out to be life changing.

It’s over. My 12 week  Everlean program with the Kilted Coaches is over. The last three months have been a few of the hardest yet most fulfilling of my life and I feel like I’ve got control of my health and fitness in a whole new way. This post might be all over the place but I’m kinda overwhelmed by the transformation I’ve experienced since July 30th, so bear with me.

First off, I didn’t really lose weight. In fact I’ve held steady at 150.0lbs for 10 weeks now. It’s kinda funny but the fact that I’ve maintained tells me I’m clued in to the balance between fitness and nutrition that I need to not put any weight back on (when I moved home in May I was 10lbs heavier). So what changed?


I am actually drinking water. As in 2.5 litres of the unflavoured stuff every single freakin’ day. That in itself is a game changer for me. My coffee intake has decreased and I usually stop at one pint when I’m indulging in the good stuff.


I’m aware of what protein sources I’m consuming throughout the day and I’m making an effort to get more. I don’t think I’m at the goal of 150g a day yet but I’m headed in the right direction.


My relationship with carbs probably is my most challenging one. I love cake and bread and all things homemade, but I’ve made the choice to feel better and make better choices so Rab and Stephen have decreed that I shall not indulge in my love affair with carbs until after I’ve sweat my ass off. When a strong dude in a kilt talks, I’m inclined to listen.


I’ve been a fan of fitness for years and running has been my main jam. I completed my first half marathon during the last 12 weeks but I’ve also rediscovered my love of strength. I’ve recommitted to getting my pump on and dedicating workouts a week to strength training. I was at the gym yesterday and HELL YES I was admiring my improved muscle tone while doing my bicep curls and shoulder presses. I’m earning that definition with every repetition, baby!

Here’s the really awesome part:

The results YOU can’t see are what matter most to me

The Coaches had us take weekly progress photos and while the changes won’t appear to be dramatic to you, they mean the world to me.

I know my legs are stronger. I powered up every hill on my 9k route this evening without pausing for a second and I am still reveling in the joy of crossing that finish line. I don’t care how sick you may be of hearing about it: I freaking well ran 21.1k with a smile on my face! That’s not nothing.

I know my upper body is stronger. I see it when I face the mirror at the gym and in my bathroom. Yes, I flex for myself because why the hell not? My next workout I know I can increase my weight because I’m stronger than I was two weeks ago.

My clothes feel better. I bought a medium sized tshirt a few years ago and it didn’t fit until now! I don’t rush home to get out of my skinny jeans anymore. I like the way I look in my running tights these days and that leads to another change I’m experiencing:

I like myself more.

That doesn’t rest solely with the influence of the Coaches, but I’ve been doing the work in all aspects of my life to get to this point. I left a situation that was suffocating my soul. I pushed myself to realize new goals. I’m surrounding myself with people who support me and lift me up and encourage me to keep moving forward. I’m acknowledging the areas that need improvement and I’m tackling them head on.

I’m learning to accept compliments without qualifying them or brushing them off. I’m prioritizing my need for time out even when the world disagrees. I’m making better choices in my nutrition because I know it’s worth it to feel healthy and clean. I’m choosing to spend time with people who I believe are truly good people. I’m fearing less and taking on new projects.

The Kilted Coaches sent me a mindset lesson each week and they really helped focus my headspace for the week. I’m a #goaldigger for life so setting goals and getting clear on them is one of my talents, but they taught me the biggest lesson of this whole experience:

I’m a good person with something to offer the world and it’s ok to cut myself some slack. 

I had a bad day and posted about it in the Clan site and within the hour my favourite Scottish lads were on the phone to coach me back to reality. They know about my divorce and my running and could see the tears in my eyes as I tried to explain what was going on. They told me that even I am allowed to have a bad day, and that doesn’t mean I’m unable to get back on track and keep making progress. They told me to dry my eyes and take an evening for myself. Stephen and Rab taught me that slowing down and taking a breath isn’t going off plan: it’s PART of the plan. Just like a runner needs a rest day and your muscles need to recover from a workout, your heart and mind need to take a break to keep growing, too.


I feel like I’m getting to know the new me and thanks to two personal trainers from across the Atlantic, I was reminded that when people see something good in you: believe them. 

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I have been active in the fitness and wellness industry for almost 20 years and I've combined my love for event planning with my love of fitness! I help other businesses share their talents with the world through custom-built live events. I have Bachelor of Science Honours in Human Kinetics and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Ottawa and I have been a Personal Trainer Specialist with CanFitPro since 2005.

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