Getting tangled in eel grass. Highway traffic that’s too close for comfort. A few missed training days.

There are plenty of reasons for Erin to halt her journey towards the Keji Women’s Triathlon but nothing is going to stop this gal! I checked in with her last night and like always, my conversation with her left me laughing and inspired and cheering her on louder than ever.

She got her wet suit and she’s getting more comfortable with open water swims. But that’s not what I want to focus on. The bring. it. on. attitude just oozes from her pores. She set a goal and she’s determined to reach it, come hell or eel grass. I’m not the only one in awe of her dedication, either.

If you’re a parent you probably know that immense pride you feel when your kid does something amazing. That feeling that wells up inside and it feels like you might burst into an ugly cry of happiness at any moment? Now imagine that your mom or dad is feeling that way about you right now. I strongly suspect Mr Bremner is one helluva proud papa watching his girl swim Lake Pisiquid and cycle around Hants County.  Rumour has it he even followed her on her cycling route in his truck. Is your heart full yet?

This is what I love about fitness and sport.

Sports do not build character. They reveal it.

The Keji Women’s Triathlon is not just about women swimming then biking then running. It’s about moms prioritizing their fitness and teaching their children to pursue goals. It’s about daughters showing their strength and confidence. It’s about friends encouraging each other to do difficult things.

Erin’s always been a bit of a character but I feel like I’ve had the privilege to bear witness to her true character throughout this triathlon training experience. I’ve listened to her express her fears while watching her actively work to conquer them. I’ve run behind her cycling, pushing myself to catch up only to find her waiting for me at the crest of a challenging hill. She tags me in her workout posts so I can share in her training victories. This is her true character: she loves and lives and wants everyone right there with her.

We’re two weeks out from the big event and this girl is going to crush it! Erin: so many of us are so proud of you! Thank you for continuing to share your experience with us.



Check out the Keji Multisport Festival and Triathlon:





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