What’s your excuse?

week (5)I’m in week 5 for the Everlean Program and I’ve been doing fairly well and every week we submit a video diary which the Coaches use as part of their YouTube/Facebook video series “You’ve Been Coached”. Last week in my video I mentioned how my running schedule got off track and then I admitted that was an excuse. THIS IS A BREAKTHROUGH! We all make excuses but do we acknowledge them and own them?

I’ve been more mindful of my eating, hydration, and exercise but also of my inner dialogue, and I have been making excuses. I missed a run because I didn’t have a babysitter: EXCUSE! I could have planned ahead.  I didn’t eat a balanced meal because I was in a hurry: EXCUSE! I know I’m going to need to eat every day so I should have planned it out in advance. I didn’t do this or that and did this instead…EXCUSES!

What excuses have you been making to avoid taking ownership of your health and fitness? Work getting in the way? Kids come first? It’s summer and it’s hot and you want to relax? BULLSHIT! These are all excuses. Yes, I know you have to work. I have kids, too. And yes it’s friggin’ hot out today.  Too bad: YOUR health and fitness needs to be a priority. END OF STORY!

If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.

So how do we move beyond these excuses (I say we because I’m in this, too)?

First,we have to acknowledge that it’s an excuse. You know deep down when you’re talking truth and when you’re making crap up.

Next, set your rules. Decide what is no longer negotiable in your life if you are serious about reaching your goals (like no Netflix until the workout is done or no beer until your water goal for the day is reached).

Report to someone. I’ve heard folks advise you to keep quiet about your goals but I disagree. Tell someone. Tell lots of people and be held accountable! The Kilted Coaches program has an online community and my run club (Mountain View Runners) has a Facebook group where I post what I’m up to as a way to receive support but also be held accountable. I know people are aware of my goals and will check in with me. I can’t shrink away and hide which makes it a little easier to get out there on a hot day and log those miles.

Be mindful. Think long and hard about why you make the choices you make. When I reach for my weekly piece of coconut cream pie when I’m out with my trivia team I know damn well I could be eating a salad instead, but I plan ahead by working out and I refuse to make myself feel guilty for a weekly treat. I carefully weigh my options and consider the type of energy I want to get out of my body before I put energy in to it.

Forgive yourself and move on. Did you make an excuse? BIG DEAL! We all do. Acknowledge it then forgive yourself and move on. We often are our own worst enemy and our own biggest roadblock to achieving our goals. Be kind to yourself. Learn from your mistakes and do better next time.


UHBJ8398[1] Putting myself out there and being held accountable. No excuses!






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