Do All The Things

I thought I had my idea for the latest update on Erin’s triathlon journey when a text conversation this morning totally sent off in a new direction. I was going to focus today’s post on the connections and relationships she’s making throughout this process but the #RoadToKeji means something more than meeting new people and making new friends. This experience goes deeper for Erin, just like embracing new challenges reach new depths for most of us.

My body was meant to do all the things

When I received this text message I did a little dance of joy because it’s an amazing statement. Erin’s been most anxious about the swimming aspect of the triathlon but she’s been practicing and embracing that fear and kicking it in the ass on a regular basis. She says watching a 70-year-old woman swim the lake recently inspired her to achieve that level of strength and peace.

“My body was meant to swim…my body was meant to do all the things.”  

I know exactly how Erin feels! I feel that way when I run or after a great workout…I feel privileged to be able to move my body and use it. I see people who have the ability to push themselves to new levels and don’t and I see others who would be grateful to run a step let alone a marathon. Erin shares a similar philosophy that we should seize the opportunity to feel the power of our “machines” in use. Not just in use, but trained and pushed to experience its full capability.

What could your body do if you appreciated your machine a little more?


If you truly felt the power you possess?

Erin recently lost her mother, and while this triathlon is an achievement for her, it’s also a tribute to her mother. A woman who lived her life with incredible strength and determination has left a legacy of this power to her children, and Erin has taken up the torch with enthusiasm.

I recently ran a 12k route while Erin biked ahead of me, and as I watched her climb that first bitch of a hill outside her family’s property in Falmouth, I felt as if I was witnessing something amazing. When I saw her smiling face waiting for me at the top of yet another bitch of hill, I knew I was witnessing the joy that comes from taking on what you once thought was impossible.

“I did the [14 Wing] Triathlon on a whim, because of course I could.” 

It’s such a simple idea really: a triathlon only requires that you swim, bike, then run. That’s it. Nothing overly complicated. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t impossible, either.


What will you choose to take on because you can?

Erin will be sharing more of her story of training for the Keji Multisport Festival on Global News Morning on Wednesday, August 22nd at 8:20am.


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