Here goes Week 2

I completed the first week of the 12 week EverLEaN program with everyone’s favourite kilted coaches, Stephen and Rab. Here are the numbers for this week:

week And I’m down a few pounds but I was sweating like a hooker in church from my runs this week so I’m not focusing too much on the scale.

The numbers are pretty good but everything else going on with this program is more important.

Like what?

The food diary: There’s an app to go with being part of The Clan and they ask that we complete a food diary every day. I will admit that I maybe wasn’t 100% honest last week and I need to be. That piece of coconut cream pie at the Evangeline Cafe didn’t make it on the diary but I’m only cheating myself by “omitting” it.

The mindset exercises: becoming stronger and healthier is more than diet and exercise and I LOVE that Stephen and Rab make mindset a priority. You’ve got to get your mind right before everything can fall into place.

The coaching call: very early Saturday morning I had my first coaching call with the guys and the other contest winners which made for a super long night for me but was worth it. One of the biggest takeaways from that call was that although I  don’t think my life right now is stressful, going through a separation and sorting out our possessions and scheduling visitation with the kids is biochemically stressful which can and will have an impact on my progress towards my fitness goals. The guys suggested I make time for a music-free (this was harder than I expected!) walk at the end of my runs just to breathe and clear my head.

My goals for week 2

  1. Drink more flipping water! My goal is 2.5L a day.
  2. Get my workouts and nutrition schedule sorted: life is crazy but I’ve got to stick to the plan if I’m going to achieve results.
  3. Log ALL of my food. Even the stuff I’m ashamed of…that right there is worthy of its own blog post, so more on that later.





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