Dry Run

Last Sunday was a big day for our favourite new triathlete: Erin was coerced into registering for the 14 Wing Triathlon to get a feel for the sport. I happened to be volunteering at the event and witnessed her first Try-a-Tri and I was pretty damned excited when she crossed that finish line.

Last Tuesday I received a text from Erin asking how my swimming instructor skills were. She told me how her swimming skills were lacking and she’s honestly just trying not to drown. I feel the same way about the prospect of lake swimming but I’m not the one registered to participate at the Keji Multisport Festival Women’s Triathlon! A triathlete friend of hers suggested the 14 Wing Tri, as did I, because the swim was being completed in an indoor pool and therefore a great way to try on a triathlon. I don’t think she needed much prodding before she was committed to the 300m swim, 10k bike, and 2.5k run.


Erin and her friend Lori started their swim at the same time, but when Lori finished her race, she found me, asked where Erin was along the course and didn’t hesitate before heading back out to bring our girl in.

Don’t you just love that,  though?

It’s soooooo much easier to achieve a goal when you have someone supporting you along the way. Not to mention everyone waiting at the finish line to welcome you in!



Not only did she complete her “dry run” triathlon, but she ended up taking home the 2nd place female finisher medal!!!! I’m way more excited than if I was training for a triathlon myself (cuz that ain’t happening). Erin’s attitude is so positive and motivating I wouldn’t be surprised if her journey inspires a few others to get out there and just swim, then bike, then run.

The Keji Women’s Triathlon happens Saturday, Septemeber 22nd and I’ll continue to update you on Erin’s progress and experience. #roadtokeji 


IMG_E9922[1]Best text ever!


IMG_9748[1] Erin and her triathlon buddy, Lori.

IMG_9753[1] Erin receiving her 2nd Place Female Finsiher Try-a-Tri Medal from race director, Brad Allen.

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