What’s your excuse?

week (5)I’m in week 5 for the Everlean Program and I’ve been doing fairly well and every week we submit a video diary which the Coaches use as part of their YouTube/Facebook video series “You’ve Been Coached”. Last week in my video I mentioned how my running schedule got off track and then I admitted that was an excuse. THIS IS A BREAKTHROUGH! We all make excuses but do we acknowledge them and own them?

I’ve been more mindful of my eating, hydration, and exercise but also of my inner dialogue, and I have been making excuses. I missed a run because I didn’t have a babysitter: EXCUSE! I could have planned ahead.  I didn’t eat a balanced meal because I was in a hurry: EXCUSE! I know I’m going to need to eat every day so I should have planned it out in advance. I didn’t do this or that and did this instead…EXCUSES!

What excuses have you been making to avoid taking ownership of your health and fitness? Work getting in the way? Kids come first? It’s summer and it’s hot and you want to relax? BULLSHIT! These are all excuses. Yes, I know you have to work. I have kids, too. And yes it’s friggin’ hot out today.  Too bad: YOUR health and fitness needs to be a priority. END OF STORY!

If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.

So how do we move beyond these excuses (I say we because I’m in this, too)?

First,we have to acknowledge that it’s an excuse. You know deep down when you’re talking truth and when you’re making crap up.

Next, set your rules. Decide what is no longer negotiable in your life if you are serious about reaching your goals (like no Netflix until the workout is done or no beer until your water goal for the day is reached).

Report to someone. I’ve heard folks advise you to keep quiet about your goals but I disagree. Tell someone. Tell lots of people and be held accountable! The Kilted Coaches program has an online community and my run club (Mountain View Runners) has a Facebook group where I post what I’m up to as a way to receive support but also be held accountable. I know people are aware of my goals and will check in with me. I can’t shrink away and hide which makes it a little easier to get out there on a hot day and log those miles.

Be mindful. Think long and hard about why you make the choices you make. When I reach for my weekly piece of coconut cream pie when I’m out with my trivia team I know damn well I could be eating a salad instead, but I plan ahead by working out and I refuse to make myself feel guilty for a weekly treat. I carefully weigh my options and consider the type of energy I want to get out of my body before I put energy in to it.

Forgive yourself and move on. Did you make an excuse? BIG DEAL! We all do. Acknowledge it then forgive yourself and move on. We often are our own worst enemy and our own biggest roadblock to achieving our goals. Be kind to yourself. Learn from your mistakes and do better next time.


UHBJ8398[1] Putting myself out there and being held accountable. No excuses!






The Secret to a Better Life

I have the secret to a better life and it’s going to blow your flippin’ mind! Get a notebook and pen and get ready for it…the secret is simply choosing to live a better life.

Every morning when you wake up you are presented with choice. Do you get up right away or hit the snooze? Shower or breakfast first? Coffee or tea? We’re faced with choices all day long and whether you want to accept it or not, you are the one making the decisions. Even when it might appear that you don’t have a choice, you ALWAYS have a choice. You can choose to disregard the speed limit and drive to work like you’re driving NASCAR. You can choose to smoke in an airplane bathroom despite the warning stickers. These aren’t the smartest choices, but they’re choices nonetheless.

I decided to choose to send my life in a different direction a few months ago and I’ve made the choice to live a better life. A happier life. A more purposeful life. I made a choice to do things differently and it’s working: my life isn’t always easy but it’s getting easier to make different choices.

I chose to leave a marriage that wasn’t working and I’m choosing to spend my time with people who encourage the best in me. I chose to fly to San Diego and attend a fitness blogging conference and I’m choosing to get out of my comfort zone and do things that will grow my business. I chose to register for a half marathon and I’m choosing to take my fitness to the next level.

everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. if you want a different result, make a different choice.

I’m pretty excited about this because while my life looks and feels completely different,  it looks and feels completely different!!!! 

Thinking you don’t have the power to change your life is an illusion. You ALWAYS have the ability to take your life in a different direction.

Do All The Things

I thought I had my idea for the latest update on Erin’s triathlon journey when a text conversation this morning totally sent off in a new direction. I was going to focus today’s post on the connections and relationships she’s making throughout this process but the #RoadToKeji means something more than meeting new people and making new friends. This experience goes deeper for Erin, just like embracing new challenges reach new depths for most of us.

My body was meant to do all the things

When I received this text message I did a little dance of joy because it’s an amazing statement. Erin’s been most anxious about the swimming aspect of the triathlon but she’s been practicing and embracing that fear and kicking it in the ass on a regular basis. She says watching a 70-year-old woman swim the lake recently inspired her to achieve that level of strength and peace.

“My body was meant to swim…my body was meant to do all the things.”  

I know exactly how Erin feels! I feel that way when I run or after a great workout…I feel privileged to be able to move my body and use it. I see people who have the ability to push themselves to new levels and don’t and I see others who would be grateful to run a step let alone a marathon. Erin shares a similar philosophy that we should seize the opportunity to feel the power of our “machines” in use. Not just in use, but trained and pushed to experience its full capability.

What could your body do if you appreciated your machine a little more?


If you truly felt the power you possess?

Erin recently lost her mother, and while this triathlon is an achievement for her, it’s also a tribute to her mother. A woman who lived her life with incredible strength and determination has left a legacy of this power to her children, and Erin has taken up the torch with enthusiasm.

I recently ran a 12k route while Erin biked ahead of me, and as I watched her climb that first bitch of a hill outside her family’s property in Falmouth, I felt as if I was witnessing something amazing. When I saw her smiling face waiting for me at the top of yet another bitch of hill, I knew I was witnessing the joy that comes from taking on what you once thought was impossible.

“I did the [14 Wing] Triathlon on a whim, because of course I could.” 

It’s such a simple idea really: a triathlon only requires that you swim, bike, then run. That’s it. Nothing overly complicated. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t impossible, either.


What will you choose to take on because you can?

Erin will be sharing more of her story of training for the Keji Multisport Festival on Global News Morning on Wednesday, August 22nd at 8:20am.


It’s time to take inventory

I’m entering Week 3 of 12 weeks of working with The Kilted Coaches and I’m seeing results. More importantly I’m feeling results.

F-you scale!

Let me state that while this is primarily a weight-loss program I AM NOT focused on the number on the scale. I completely understand how muscle mass weighs more than fat and therefore the number on the scale doesn’t accurately reflect health and fitness. I effing hate scales because of this, and this is why my weight is not included in my measurements.

I am focused on improving my eating but I am NOT on a diet. There is no quick fix. I am drinking A LOT of water (minimum 2.5L a day), I’m focusing on increasing my protein intake (Rab and Stephen have suggested 150 grams a day), and I’m focused on eating more veggies and more fibre. Have you noticed how often I used the word focus in that last sentence? There’s a reason for that.

It’s all about focus!

What you focus on becomes your reality. When I chose to focus on positive energy and including positive people in my life, positive things started happening. When I chose to focus on running more and running better, pursuing a half-marathon became a reality. Get it? Need more water…focus on that goal. Need more protein?veggies? fibre? FOCUS ON IT to make it happen.

Ending of Spring. Beginning of Summer.

Take inventory of your focus for a day. Honestly, do it for a day and see where your energy is directed. Are you focused on what you don’t like about yourself or where you are lacking or are you mindful about you do when you do it?

Mindfulness is key

I was at my run club bbq on Sunday and I had a great chat with a fantastic marathoner and we got to talking about running with music versus without. I’m a hardcore running remix-high bpm kinda girl and he chooses to run to sound of his own footsteps and breathing. This kinda blew my mind for a minute:  How can you run for hours to the sound of yourself???

I reframed it in terms of mindfulness, just like Coach Rab suggested I make time to walk each day to the sound of nature around me and my own breathing (he calls it a Breathing Walk) and it makes sense. Being truly mindful in running means you are aware of your breathing and cadence and the world around you as it relates to each step you take. You are totally in the zone of what you’re doing.

Shouldn’t we be that mindful about what we put into our bodies every single day?

Take inventory of your food choices in a day. Do you think about what you’re going to eat or do you just grab what’s there? Do you think about what it’s nutritional value is or do you just shovel it in? This 12 week program is really forcing me to consider my options and make more deliberate choices (I say deliberate because when I ate that ice cream last night I knew exactly what it’s nutritional value was.)

I promised to be honest throughout this journey so here are some areas I’m finding challenging:

  • I am nowhere near close to getting 150 grams of protein but I’m waiting for the local gym to get their order of collagen powder in and I’ll be mixing that stuff in my coffee and smoothies
  • Drinking this much water is very hard but my Hidrate Spark water bottle helps (it lights up to remind me to drink and sends me cheesy alerts on my phone). I feel like my bladder is always full which is a whole other topic when it comes to long runs…another day perhaps.
  • I do not eat enough veggies. I know this and I’m focusing on it.
  • I eat too much sugar. I was so good about for so long and I made the choice to ignore my better judgement and hop back on the treat train. I will make that a specific goal for next week. Why not this week? I’m trying to focus my attention on other things and want to get those under control first.
  • I suck at logging my food. I use MyFitnessPal and I find myself omitting certain items and I’m waging a battle in my mind over that. I will work on getting better at it.


I feel more in control of how I approach each meal and each workout. We all struggle with things and some more than others but I’m choosing to focus on setting realistic goals and chipping away at them in manageable chunks. I don’t expect to be a fitness model by the end of my 12 week journey but you can bet your ass I’ll be a stronger, healthier, more mindful version of myself by then!



Why it’s ok not to believe how everyone sees you.

Yesterday I had a phone conversation with a well-respected expert in the counselling field. This fella has a large following on social media and has appeared as a guest on news channels and let’s just say he knows his shit. He was giving me feedback on a project I’m working on with another badass chick in the fitness industry and he referred to us a “warriors” and “rock stars”. (Insert happy dance here) Last evening I had a conversation with someone I’ve known for over a decade and he suggested my character was seriously lacking and said some things that shook me.

But only for a moment!

Why the hell would I disregard the judgement of someone I’ve known for ages in favour of that of a social media acquaintance? BECAUSE I KNOW WHO I AM!know your value Do you know who you really are? I mean deep down to your very core? Do you know your values and qualities and what makes you undeniably you? Cuz if you don’t already, it’s time to dig deep and figure that shit out.

This new ally recognized the good in me because he’s tuned in to folks out there who do things that matter. Members of my tribe are attracted to me for the same reasons I’m attracted to them: we recognize positive energy and good vibes and good people when we see them! Find those people who build you up, see the good in you, and support the big dreams you have. Just because you’ve known someone your whole life doesn’t mean their judgments of you are correct.


What the hell does any of this have to do with being a fitness professional or an event planner? Everything! I am my business and my business is me. I am my brand. Who I am, what I stand for, what I believe in, and how I treat people is the foundation upon which I create events and inspire others. That’s no small matter! If you believe you’re capable of achieving something—go out there and achieve it! If someone tells you something that conflicts with how you see yourself: think on it, determine it’s validity, accept it or reject it…it’s up to you. YOU get to decide who you are. So go out there and be undeniably you.


Here goes Week 2

I completed the first week of the 12 week EverLEaN program with everyone’s favourite kilted coaches, Stephen and Rab. Here are the numbers for this week:

week And I’m down a few pounds but I was sweating like a hooker in church from my runs this week so I’m not focusing too much on the scale.

The numbers are pretty good but everything else going on with this program is more important.

Like what?

The food diary: There’s an app to go with being part of The Clan and they ask that we complete a food diary every day. I will admit that I maybe wasn’t 100% honest last week and I need to be. That piece of coconut cream pie at the Evangeline Cafe didn’t make it on the diary but I’m only cheating myself by “omitting” it.

The mindset exercises: becoming stronger and healthier is more than diet and exercise and I LOVE that Stephen and Rab make mindset a priority. You’ve got to get your mind right before everything can fall into place.

The coaching call: very early Saturday morning I had my first coaching call with the guys and the other contest winners which made for a super long night for me but was worth it. One of the biggest takeaways from that call was that although I  don’t think my life right now is stressful, going through a separation and sorting out our possessions and scheduling visitation with the kids is biochemically stressful which can and will have an impact on my progress towards my fitness goals. The guys suggested I make time for a music-free (this was harder than I expected!) walk at the end of my runs just to breathe and clear my head.

My goals for week 2

  1. Drink more flipping water! My goal is 2.5L a day.
  2. Get my workouts and nutrition schedule sorted: life is crazy but I’ve got to stick to the plan if I’m going to achieve results.
  3. Log ALL of my food. Even the stuff I’m ashamed of…that right there is worthy of its own blog post, so more on that later.





Dry Run

Last Sunday was a big day for our favourite new triathlete: Erin was coerced into registering for the 14 Wing Triathlon to get a feel for the sport. I happened to be volunteering at the event and witnessed her first Try-a-Tri and I was pretty damned excited when she crossed that finish line.

Last Tuesday I received a text from Erin asking how my swimming instructor skills were. She told me how her swimming skills were lacking and she’s honestly just trying not to drown. I feel the same way about the prospect of lake swimming but I’m not the one registered to participate at the Keji Multisport Festival Women’s Triathlon! A triathlete friend of hers suggested the 14 Wing Tri, as did I, because the swim was being completed in an indoor pool and therefore a great way to try on a triathlon. I don’t think she needed much prodding before she was committed to the 300m swim, 10k bike, and 2.5k run.


Erin and her friend Lori started their swim at the same time, but when Lori finished her race, she found me, asked where Erin was along the course and didn’t hesitate before heading back out to bring our girl in.

Don’t you just love that,  though?

It’s soooooo much easier to achieve a goal when you have someone supporting you along the way. Not to mention everyone waiting at the finish line to welcome you in!



Not only did she complete her “dry run” triathlon, but she ended up taking home the 2nd place female finisher medal!!!! I’m way more excited than if I was training for a triathlon myself (cuz that ain’t happening). Erin’s attitude is so positive and motivating I wouldn’t be surprised if her journey inspires a few others to get out there and just swim, then bike, then run.

The Keji Women’s Triathlon happens Saturday, Septemeber 22nd and I’ll continue to update you on Erin’s progress and experience. #roadtokeji 


IMG_E9922[1]Best text ever!


IMG_9748[1] Erin and her triathlon buddy, Lori.

IMG_9753[1] Erin receiving her 2nd Place Female Finsiher Try-a-Tri Medal from race director, Brad Allen.