How can you get Canadians moving?

I am big believer in supporting other health and fitness businesses: it’s what I do for a living. It goes deeper than that, though. As fitpreneurs we encourage and inspire people to pursue healthy and active lifestyles. We are helping create healthier communities and what worthier goal is there than that?!?

If you saw the news this week you maybe caught the story where Canadian kids earned a dismal D+ grade in physical activity. I’m a trained elementary school teacher and this saddens me greatly. This information was published in a ParticipACTION report which stated” that children who get the recommended amount of physical activity are more creative, better able to solve problems and less likely to make mistakes or suffer from mental health problems like depression and anxiety than their peers that do not. They also have better memories, longer attention spans and better self-esteem.”



We KNOW in our guts that kids don’t move enough. We KNOW that most adults don’t move enough. So how do we change this? We work with our clients (usually adults) and get them moving and they will set the example for their kids and nieces and nephews. We will work together to create an accessible and active community where EVERYONE is encouraged to try new activities and are supported to get moving and stay moving! The world needs us! 

How do we do this?

We need to collaborate like I’m doing right now with the Keji Multisport Festival and the Aylesford Triathlon right here in the Annapolis Valley.

  • The Aylesford Triathlon offers a Try-a-Tri option (350m Swim, 10k Bike, 2.5k Run) for anyone new to the wonderful world of triathlon! Sprint and Olympic distance options are also available.
  • The Keji Multisport Festival includes a women’s only triathlon which is an excellent opportunity for mothers and daughters, sisters, aunts and nieces to experience beautiful Kejimkujik National Park in a unique and active way! The next day offers workshops in various activities such as biking, paddle boarding, and even trail running. Registering for this triathlon includes a training program so why not set a goal, sign up and use Aylesford as a training event?


Canada desperately needs us to keep moving and to inspire others in our communities to join us. Local events need registrants and volunteers, and I’m urging you to use your powers for good: share these events on social media and encourage clients to set new goals and register, then get out there and cheer them on!


40 goals for my 40th year–REVISED

I set 40 goals for 2018, because I turned 40 this year. As I mentioned earlier, I had no idea there would be this much change and challenge already but I’m going with it! I moved from Victoria, BC back to Nova Scotia so many of my original goals are no longer attainable because my budget just doesn’t allow for me to get back to Vancouver Island to achieve them (although I hope to one day return and get these done!) My relationship goals have also changed to focus more on strengthening existing and growing new friendships, and to focus on loving myself, too!

I am happy I have been able to tackle several of these already but I have a busy 6 months ahead of me! #goaldigger #40andfabulous



Embracing changes and challenges

2018 is the year I turned 40 and I decided it would be a year of growth and transformation, and I had no idea all that would encompass when I set my goals. I’ve always been motivated and driven and I’m a self-professed #goaldigger so what I did this morning shouldn’t surprise anyone except for the idea that it took me this long to finally get around to doing it: I tried CrossFit today! *Due to major changes in where I’m living and who I’m living with, stay tuned for a revised 40 goals for my 40th year list. 

I met Ashley Sheridan a couple of years ago when I recruited her to be involved in Fitness Junkies‘ first #IAmStrong Workout in Honour of International Women’s Day. She owns the local CrossFit gym, Apple Valley CrossFit in Coldbrook, NS. I am a big believer in women supporting each other, especially when it comes to business and fitness so trying out Ashley’s Beginner class was long overdue!

girl gang I won’t lie when I say that I was nervous to give it a go and relieved to discover I was the only one in class. I totally get that no one should expect to be an expert when trying something for the first time, but the perfectionist in me rears her ugly head every now and then.  The workout looked challenging but relatively simple as far as CrossFit goes so three cheers for choosing to try it on the right day!!!

IMG_8277[1]So, how did it go?

  • I surprised myself by having time to complete the core workout
  • was a bit bummed that I didn’t squeeze out more reps (room for improvement, right?)
  • I got to run! (only 1km but the runner in me loved every step)
  • burpees don’t really like me either but we have an understanding
  • I need to practice my deadlift technique, which is something I had been thinking about anyway
  • I had sweat dripping down my face and chest by the end of the classIMG_E8282[1]
  • I didn’t leave any bodily fluids in the gym
  • I had a great chat with a fellow badass boss lady
  • I left feeling like I had achieved something


I’ve been home for an hour now and I feel fantastic! I moved my body and pushed my limits (I could’ve pushed myself harder but I’m satisfied with my workout). I tried something new, got out of my comfort zone, and challenged my mindset. I got to see another fitpreneur do her thing and show my support for her business. As my life undergoes this twisty, turny transformation, I’m embracing changes and challenges and I already feel like a new woman! So to all of you out there pushing yourselves and taking risks and sweating your arses off: keep that shit up!



When your goals aren’t big enough

My life is experiencing some serious transition lately: I’m growing my business, my family dynamic is changing, and I’m recommitted to my health and fitness. I’ve always set goals for myself but tonight I realized some of those goals just aren’t big enough. That’s right: not big enough! 

I had a stressful day so when the run club I recently joined posted an impromptu 10k run through town I figured it was my sign from the universe (Gabrielle Bernstein, anyone?) to lace up and hit the road. Over the last few months I have learned to put down the frosted sugar cookies (yes, there were some sitting on my kitchen counter this evening) and channel that energy into fitness instead. Keep in mind y’all that the last time I ran 10k was May 2017 and I was about to hit the road with a Boston Marathoner who runs a sub 20- 5k so what the hell was I thinking? Well…I ended up doing a lot of thinking during those 10 kilometres tonight.

I thought about how far I’ve come since I started running. Since I became a mother. Since I embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship. I reflected on how since I decided to take control of my life and my energy, amazing things have happened and I’m grateful for all of it. I felt grateful for the burning in my calves as we hit the 5k mark and turned around tonight. I am thankful for the focus that let me ignore the burning and keep pace with my running partners.

I reflected on how my tank top which read “stronger everyday” was the truth I’ve been living lately. We talked about my kids and how they love running and encourage and support every step I take. I know my partners tonight slowed down for me and I appreciate it, but I also acknowledge that for my first 10k in over a year, it wasn’t easy for me but I didn’t dare slow down.

That brings me to the idea of my goals not being big enough. I set a goal of running 15k by the end of August and I just ran 10k mid-June. Well…that was until one run buddy suggested I switch my Thanksgiving weekend 5k race registration to a half marathon registration. Ha ha ha, real funny, John,..then wait a minute! Why the frig not?!? Check in with another super star run friend who agreed with run buddy number 1, throw in Mel Robbin’s #5SecondRule and look out: this badass mother runner will be attempting her first half marathon this October!


  • I  recognized that the goal I had set, while worthwhile pursuing, just wasn’t big enough.
  • I feared less just enough to transfer my registration before I could talk myself out of it, (I’ll sort out the training later.)
  • To achieve big things you need to set big goals.
  • You need people brave enough to encourage you to challenge yourself.
  • It’s ok to not feel ready…you can borrow strength and courage from those around you and believe, me…I’m building my team of cheerleaders already!


I encourage you to re-evaluate your goals, whether they be business or fitness or even more personal and take a long look at them. Get brutally honest with yourself and fear a little less…are they big enough for the life you want to lead? If not, take a deep breath, count to 5 and give ‘er!

Why I’m obsessed with running

First off, Happy Global Running Day! If you’re a runner, I hope you celebrated by lacing up and heading out today. I was surfing Pinterest this morning and this quote jumped out at me:

obsessionrunning Can you see why it resonated with me? I have become obsessed with running: I read running books, follow running Instagram accounts, and hang out with runners and talk about our running, sometimes while running. If you’re not already a runner, you may wonder why I’m preoccupied with getting sweaty, out of breath, and pushing myself to the point of almost puking. Here’s why:

  • I love a challenge. I used to think I sucked at running (remember my post about middle school phys ed? That’s where that idea came from) so I enjoy getting better at something that once seemed impossible.
  • It builds confidence. I’m running farther and faster than ever before and I find great satisfaction when I reach a new milestone or meet a goal.
  • Running is cheaper than therapy. Humorous and true. I’ve battled anxiety and depression for decades and nothing helps me feel clearer and more in control of my mindset than lacing up and getting out for a run. My kids even recognize the need now, and aren’t shy about saying “Mummy-you need a run!”
  • I’m secretly very competitive. I’m not a team sports kinda girl but I love it when I see how I placed in a race event in terms of my gender and age group. I enter every race with a facetious “as long as I don’t finish last” mindset, but I really love to beat my previous times.
  • I love my legs. Yup. That’s right. I love how long and lean and strong my legs are. These getaway sticks have carried me across many finish lines and through many a difficult day. Every run is proof that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for.
  • I love running gear. The colours and patterns of running tights and sneakers these days are endless and I feel good getting geared up and hitting the road. I love nothing more than a tank top with a motivational saying or inspiring image on it. Give me all the gear! You can never have too much active wear (and if someone tells you differently—you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!)
  • I’ve discovered I enjoy being outside. I was never really one for getting outside and wandering through the woods or finding out where a trail led, but those are some of my favourite moments now. I’ll credit my time on Vancouver Island with introducing my to the beautiful connection between forest bathing and running, and it’s been the best therapy I’ve ever experienced. Breathe the fresh air, touch a hundred year old tree, and watch a rabbit cross your path: you’ll never be the same.
  • Running makes me a better person. I feel happy when I run. I feel like I’m truly alive. I can’t wait to for the next step. I’ve discovered there’s more life and more to life and I’m not the girl I was before running took hold of my soul. Thank God!


runstrong Lace up. Get out. Run happy.