How can you get Canadians moving?

I am big believer in supporting other health and fitness businesses: it’s what I do for a living. It goes deeper than that, though. As fitpreneurs we encourage and inspire people to pursue healthy and active lifestyles. We are helping create healthier communities and what worthier goal is there than that?!? If you saw theContinue reading “How can you get Canadians moving?”

40 goals for my 40th year–REVISED

I set 40 goals for 2018, because I turned 40 this year. As I mentioned earlier, I had no idea there would be this much change and challenge already but I’m going with it! I moved from Victoria, BC back to Nova Scotia so many of my original goals are no longer attainable because myContinue reading “40 goals for my 40th year–REVISED”

Embracing changes and challenges

2018 is the year I turned 40 and I decided it would be a year of growth and transformation, and I had no idea all that would encompass when I set my goals. I’ve always been motivated and driven and I’m a self-professed #goaldigger so what I did this morning shouldn’t surprise anyone except forContinue reading “Embracing changes and challenges”

When your goals aren’t big enough

My life is experiencing some serious transition lately: I’m growing my business, my family dynamic is changing, and I’m recommitted to my health and fitness. I’ve always set goals for myself but tonight I realized some of those goals just aren’t big enough. That’s right: not big enough!  I had a stressful day so whenContinue reading “When your goals aren’t big enough”

Why I’m obsessed with running

First off, Happy Global Running Day! If you’re a runner, I hope you celebrated by lacing up and heading out today. I was surfing Pinterest this morning and this quote jumped out at me:  Can you see why it resonated with me? I have become obsessed with running: I read running books, follow running InstagramContinue reading “Why I’m obsessed with running”