Who decides if you’re having a great day?

I posted a video on my Instagram the other day about managing my energy and how learning to do this is changing my life. Well, now I’m writing about it because it has become a necessity in my life these days.

Last year for my birthday I gave myself the gift of a workshop with Jill Payne…yes I mention her quite often because I freaking LOVE HER! So the idea is that you can choose to feel amazing or shitty. It’s within your control. Simple enough but it’s actually life-changing when you think about it: the world can be crashing down around you but YOU are in control of HOW YOU RESPOND! You can decide you want to have a great day and you can.

To all cool dads out there, (1)

So, my husband has decided to retire after 30+ years in the Royal Canadian Navy. This is a huge transition for him and he’s been stressed and confused and this negative energy tends to spill out into our life. See what I mean about energy management being a necessity for me? I’m focused on improving my fitness and growing my business and I cannot afford to be facing the world feeling less than amazing if I want to achieve these goals.


After Jill’s workshop last year and all of the reading and growth I’ve been actively experiencing (because this shift is 100% intentional!!!) amazing things have been happening:

  • I presented at the Esquimalt MFRC Women’s Day.
  • I have worked with new clients.
  • I’ve been getting faster and more efficient in my running.
  • My friendships are stronger.
  • My eating has cleaned up.
  • I presented at the One Woman Fearless Summit.
  • I’ve heard from women who are inspired by my story and my work.
  • I found out on Monday that I was invited to attend Blogfest at the IDEA World Fitness Conference in San Diego this June (Woo hoo! A few days to connect with the amazing fitness folks in beautiful California by myself!)

Other more subtle but equally amazing things are happening, too:

  • its easier to stay calm when my kids are throwing tantrums or fighting
  • I’m able to feel peaceful just be walking through the woods or sitting by the ocean
  • I sing more and you can even catch me dancing sometimes
  • I go to bed feeling satisfied with my life because I choose to be satisfied with my choices
  • I am able to feel confident in those choices
  • I honestly (not shitting you here) have faith that everything will turn out ok

I totally understand where my husband is coming from, and I’m trying to coach him to acknowledge that he can choose to view this transition with excitement at a new opportunity. Choosing to be happy and positive doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen and choices aren’t difficult to make, but it changes your approach to them and that makes a HUGE difference.

So, here’s your opportunity to completely change your life: read this article, go check out Gary Vaynerchuk, Gabrielle Bernstein, Jen Sincero, Mel Robbins, you choose! You can let the world decide how you feel every day or you can decide. 

*Jill Payne offers an amazing online coaching program, by the way!!!

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I have been active in the fitness and wellness industry for almost 20 years and I've combined my love for event planning with my love of fitness! I help other businesses share their talents with the world through custom-built live events. I have Bachelor of Science Honours in Human Kinetics and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Ottawa and I have been a Personal Trainer Specialist with CanFitPro since 2005.

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