Whose advice do you take?

When you’re navigating foreign territory, who do you trust? By foreign territory I mean business (or a new challenge or chapter in life) and by trust I mean how do you know whose advice to take and whose to ignore?

I wasn’t schooled in business, except for Intro to Administration and an Administration of Sport class, so a lot of entrepreneurship has involved reading, workshops, networking, and coaching. Really, how many entrepreneurs, especially in fitness and health were educated or trained in business? Not many, so we need to become skilled at determining what’s good information and advice and what isn’t.

When I find myself flailing (that kinda looks like very panicked treading water), I come back to trusting my gut. I’ve ignored it before and regretted it, so I’m tuning in to that inner voice and going with what I trust to be right. The flailing stops and I start swimming. Moving forwards…that should be the focus.

Are you drowning, treading water, or swimming_

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