Is fitness x-rated?

Is fitness too sexy?

Is fitness too sexy_

I recently saw that Walmart decided to pull all copies of Cosmopolitan from their shelves, and was still shocked to discover I couldn’t find a copy at my local store. I was kinda angry that they decided to do this. Isn’t it MY decision to read what I want to read? Isn’t it MY choice to have a conversation with my kids about what they read in the headlines? Isn’t it MY choice to decide what’s too sexy?

I shared my distaste on social media then thought back to my personal trainer final exam. I wore a pair of black yoga pants and a tank top and my (female) examiner told me to “hide my cleavage because it’s intimidating to clients”. I am still gobsmacked and hurt by this comment 13 years later. I don’t think I have ever felt so ashamed of my body before or since. I was wearing what just about every other woman wears to a gym, but I was deemed too sexy.

So, is fitness too sexy? I scrolled through several Instagram accounts today and many are filled with shirtless men or women posing in ways to accentuate their glutes. I agree that being fit is sexy, but is the product of our industry too sex-oriented? Is what social media accounts post any different than Cosmo’s covers? #gymselfies may not put headlines about how many ways they can please their lover on their pics, but do the little peach emoticons convey a different message, really?

Last Saturday I attended my first exotic dance class and when my mother, who was visiting, asked what kind of dance it was, I felt awkward telling her. Nevermind that the strengthening and stretching involved in that class were an intense workout in and of themselves, I found myself nervous to express too much sexuality in my own fitness! I did end up telling her afterwards, and I’m working to own my sexuality as it relates to my fitness, but the struggle is real.

so, is fitness too sexy? What is sexy to begin with? I wanna hear your thoughts?





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