Why am I so excited these days?

Scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago I learned about BlogFest and the IDEA World Fitness Conference happening in San Diego at the end of June. Yeah my fitness blog isn’t huge (yet) and my business isn’t international (yet) but the opportunity seemed too good to pass up so I applied to attend. I hadn’tContinue reading “Why am I so excited these days?”

Who decides if you’re having a great day?

I posted a video on my Instagram the other day about managing my energy and how learning to do this is changing my life. Well, now I’m writing about it because it has become a necessity in my life these days. Last year for my birthday I gave myself the gift of a workshop withContinue reading “Who decides if you’re having a great day?”

Who does this event planner think she is?

I plan events for fitness and health-related businesses. So why the hell do I blog about fitness stuff? Why is my Insta feed full of running-related pics? Why am I trying to get my ass to the IDEA World Fitness Conference in June? Because I didn’t start out as an event planner. I studied HumanContinue reading “Who does this event planner think she is?”

Don’t ignore the mind when it comes to fitness

If you’re reading this chances are you are a fan of fitness and wellness. So you probably work out or play a sport. Do you train your mind, though? A physically fit body is great, but the body is only one aspect of true health and fitness. You’ve got to focus on the mind, too.Continue reading “Don’t ignore the mind when it comes to fitness”

Why I’m posting more selfies

If you follow me on Instagram (@merakieventplanning) you know that I’m a huge believer in body positivity, in encouraging others,and in learning to love yourself. Yes, I’m a fitness professional and an event planner, but I’m also working to turn the fitness industry on it’s head. I am NOT a size zero and I doContinue reading “Why I’m posting more selfies”