Why am I so excited these days?

Scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago I learned about BlogFest and the IDEA World Fitness Conference happening in San Diego at the end of June. Yeah my fitness blog isn’t huge (yet) and my business isn’t international (yet) but the opportunity seemed too good to pass up so I applied to attend. I hadn’t heard back on my application for an invitation so I accepted that I’d be paying full price to attend as a personal trainer or fitness business owner UNTIL I learned last week that the email with my invitation had been lost! I AM GOING TO BLOGFEST, BITCHES!

BlogFest 2018 attending badge

I booked my flights and hotel and I’m planning my outfits already. lol…seriously, though I am. I cannot wait to connect with other fitness bloggers and industry pros Like Chantal Brodrick, Heidi Powell, maybe even get my own dose of Durkin while I’m there? I love the energy of fitness conferences but the idea of having 5 nights to myself in a hotel is thrilling! I get to run in a new city! I’ve always wanted to go to California and I finally am!

As if that wasn’t enough to get excited about, last Thursday I won a pass to Social Media Camp from a local radio station (thank you Kiss 103.1 FM!) Holy shiggers, y’all! I’m about to learn what I need to know to take my blog and business to the next level! For FREE!!!!

I have big dreams and you should, too. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible but when you work hard enough and are passionate enough…magic can happen. I feel like big things are in my future and I’m so excited to get things moving and meet new people along the way. Learning new things is totally my jam and I feel like shouting BRING IT ON!

Who decides if you’re having a great day?

I posted a video on my Instagram the other day about managing my energy and how learning to do this is changing my life. Well, now I’m writing about it because it has become a necessity in my life these days.

Last year for my birthday I gave myself the gift of a workshop with Jill Payne…yes I mention her quite often because I freaking LOVE HER! So the idea is that you can choose to feel amazing or shitty. It’s within your control. Simple enough but it’s actually life-changing when you think about it: the world can be crashing down around you but YOU are in control of HOW YOU RESPOND! You can decide you want to have a great day and you can.

To all cool dads out there, (1)

So, my husband has decided to retire after 30+ years in the Royal Canadian Navy. This is a huge transition for him and he’s been stressed and confused and this negative energy tends to spill out into our life. See what I mean about energy management being a necessity for me? I’m focused on improving my fitness and growing my business and I cannot afford to be facing the world feeling less than amazing if I want to achieve these goals.


After Jill’s workshop last year and all of the reading and growth I’ve been actively experiencing (because this shift is 100% intentional!!!) amazing things have been happening:

  • I presented at the Esquimalt MFRC Women’s Day.
  • I have worked with new clients.
  • I’ve been getting faster and more efficient in my running.
  • My friendships are stronger.
  • My eating has cleaned up.
  • I presented at the One Woman Fearless Summit.
  • I’ve heard from women who are inspired by my story and my work.
  • I found out on Monday that I was invited to attend Blogfest at the IDEA World Fitness Conference in San Diego this June (Woo hoo! A few days to connect with the amazing fitness folks in beautiful California by myself!)

Other more subtle but equally amazing things are happening, too:

  • its easier to stay calm when my kids are throwing tantrums or fighting
  • I’m able to feel peaceful just be walking through the woods or sitting by the ocean
  • I sing more and you can even catch me dancing sometimes
  • I go to bed feeling satisfied with my life because I choose to be satisfied with my choices
  • I am able to feel confident in those choices
  • I honestly (not shitting you here) have faith that everything will turn out ok

I totally understand where my husband is coming from, and I’m trying to coach him to acknowledge that he can choose to view this transition with excitement at a new opportunity. Choosing to be happy and positive doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen and choices aren’t difficult to make, but it changes your approach to them and that makes a HUGE difference.

So, here’s your opportunity to completely change your life: read this article, go check out Gary Vaynerchuk, Gabrielle Bernstein, Jen Sincero, Mel Robbins, you choose! You can let the world decide how you feel every day or you can decide. 

*Jill Payne offers an amazing online coaching program, by the way!!!

Who does this event planner think she is?

I plan events for fitness and health-related businesses. So why the hell do I blog about fitness stuff? Why is my Insta feed full of running-related pics? Why am I trying to get my ass to the IDEA World Fitness Conference in June? Because I didn’t start out as an event planner.

Why the

I studied Human Kinetics in university. I fell in love with physiology and sport psychology and coaching methods. I became a personal trainer when I was working at a physiotherapy clinic because I found myself needing to take my clients a bit further into their rehab programs. I attend conferences every year because I love learning about new training techniques and the latest equipment. I consume information about running and fitness and mindful movement because it’s my life.

Fitness is my passion and I express it through events. You express it through guiding clients through a tough workout or prescribing supplements or an eating regime. We all express our love for health and fitness in different ways and I come at by helping other pros do what they do best through events and opportunities to grow their own businesses.

I will continue to blog about what I see happening in the industry and who I connect with and learn from. I live in this industry just like you;-)

Whose advice do you take?

When you’re navigating foreign territory, who do you trust? By foreign territory I mean business (or a new challenge or chapter in life) and by trust I mean how do you know whose advice to take and whose to ignore?

I wasn’t schooled in business, except for Intro to Administration and an Administration of Sport class, so a lot of entrepreneurship has involved reading, workshops, networking, and coaching. Really, how many entrepreneurs, especially in fitness and health were educated or trained in business? Not many, so we need to become skilled at determining what’s good information and advice and what isn’t.

When I find myself flailing (that kinda looks like very panicked treading water), I come back to trusting my gut. I’ve ignored it before and regretted it, so I’m tuning in to that inner voice and going with what I trust to be right. The flailing stops and I start swimming. Moving forwards…that should be the focus.

Are you drowning, treading water, or swimming_

Let’s talk about YOUR energy

Yup, YOUR energy. Not your clients’ energy or how much stamina you have to run a marathon or compete in a bench press competition, but your vibe; how it feels to be around you; that energy. This post fits well with the mindset post I published a couple of days ago. Go back and read that one then come back here.

I received a Facebook message from a yoga teacher the other day who told me that I’m inspiring her to do new things and love herself. HOLY COW! That was probably the best compliment I’ve ever received from anyone. Yes, I’m an event planner so what does it matter that I’m inspiring anyone? Besides planning fitness and wellness events, I’m trying to inspire others to be healthy and active and happy. I’m trying to shift this notion that you need to be thin and toned to be your best self. I want to put some good out into the world and turns out, that’s exactly what I’m doing! YAHOO!

I just finished reading “You Are A Badass” about 20 minutes ago and I feel like I’m moving in right direction. How do I know? Well, I feel like I’m receiving positive attention and energy from the world on social media and in person. I am putting out positive vibes and getting them back tenfold and it’s kind of amazing.

I wasn’t always surrounded in good energy. When I joined the Fitness Junkies a few years ago I felt a spark. That ignited this flame that has welcomed people like Jill Payne and Lindsay Umlah into my life. This flame has opened my eyes to the knowledge that there are people ready and willing to help me succeed if I just let them. The world is not out to get me, it’s got my back! I think my hubby worries we’ve been living on the west coast too long as I wander through the woods, touching trees and forest bathing, and eating quinoa for breakfast instead of Corn Pops. Visualizing and manifesting my successes does sound a bit woo-woo, but it’s working for me, so why the heck not, eh?

Are you extinguishing your own flame_

How do you approach your future? Are you excited or terrified? Do you view failures and mistakes as opportunities to begin again a little wiser? Do you let yourself be vulnerable and open to the possibilities? Is this same uncertain energy the way you approach your business, too? Could this be what’s holding you back from growing bigger and better? Take some time to really think about this concept: do some reading, talk to some people, take a long, hard look at yourself and the energy you put out there. Now, are you fueling the fire of your passion or are you too busy getting in your own way?

Don’t ignore the mind when it comes to fitness

If you’re reading this chances are you are a fan of fitness and wellness. So you probably work out or play a sport. Do you train your mind, though? A physically fit body is great, but the body is only one aspect of true health and fitness. You’ve got to focus on the mind, too.

I saw Todd Durkin speak at CanFitPro’s FitEast in 2016 and he reminded us that we need to “Get Your Mind Right”. This guy runs his own fitness studio and trains some seriously high-profile athletes and he understands the power of a healthy mind. You’ve heard me talk of Jill Payne before and her mastery of energy management. I’ve learned from her that it’s within your control to shift how you feel.You can be injured and still feel amazing because it happens in the mind!

Are you training your mind_

I’ve been reading (lots) and I’m almost finished You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. It’s taking me awhile because I keep stopping to reflect on these life-changing statements and to share those with others. I actually paused my reading to write this post because her chapter on “Doing vs. Spewing” inspired this idea that as health and wellness professionals, we play a critical role in helping clients achieve optimal fitness and we’d be negligent if we ignored the role of a fit mind in the fitness journey.

Critical? YES! Most people join a gym or sign up for a class because they know they need to make a change. They show up, get sweaty and leave with achy muscles, but many never come back. WHY? That focus on getting a toned body isn’t enough. The physical stuff is hard, but the mental stuff is harder. It’s uncomfortable in a way many people aren’t used to.

How can we help clients get their minds right, especially when we don’t all have handy access to Todd Durkin or Jill Payne?

  • Educate yourself: read books and attend seminars and learn from the experts
  • Get YOUR mind fit: you can’t help someone with their mindset if you’re is off-track. Practice what you preach!
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable: check your judgements of others and of yourself; determine what your limiting beliefs are and work to get rid of them
  • Build a network: connect with local and online experts you can refer your clients to
  •  Be prepared to let some clients go: some clients’ mindsets may not jive with yours and they’d be better served by a different professional: that’s ok.


A few books/experts I recommend checking out are:

Todd Durkin, Jill Payne, Mel Robbins, Gabrielle Bernstein

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, The Inner Runner by Dr.Jason Karp,

The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton


Please share your favourites!

What’s your sport?


Whenever I meet someone new and they find out I’m a fitness event planner, they ask what my sport is. Well…I’m not a huge sports person, in that I played soccer for one season when I was 9 and that was the extent of my sports participation. I enjoy watching hockey and soccer and Id probably sit through a football game, but I’m about fitness. So when someone asked me a couple of weeks ago about my sport, I answered “running”.

Running is the one physical activity I consistently participate in and I’ve recently become more serious about. I read books and follow running social media accounts. I want to get faster and stronger and I’m making a conscious effort to achieve these. I regularly spend money on races and gear so I guess I’m a runner.

As a little kid I’m sure I ran around the neighbourhood and the playground at school. Somewhere around my tween years, the running slowed down and I started to believe I couldn’t run. I recall my high school self thinking that runners be crazy because who in their right mind would pay to run for fun? I didn’t think I’d be able to run to save my life if the need arose. My how times have changed!

I healed my broken heart after a miscarriage by pounding the pavement.  I found the strength to start my own business by lacing up and heading out. Running has become one of my greatest sources of strength and my go-to treatment for recurring bouts of anxiety. I am a better person because I run.


I love this quote because running really does make me feel alive. After reading The Inner Runner by Jason Karp and The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton  have helped me find more joy in my running. I used to run to move my body, push my limits, and clear my head, but now I run to live a better life. I enjoy the scenery around me, taking time to feel the trees as I tramp through the woods and I enjoy the squish of a muddy path and the smell of a wet forest. I’m able to not only clear my head, but come back with my mind full of new ideas and perspectives on things. The aches and pains remind me that I’m using my body and that I’m alive. I’m living a life that’s real and balanced and all because of running.

We all have something that we come back to when we’re in need of a physical outlet…what’s yours?