Don’t be content with satisfying your customers

When I work with a client, I look to build a relationship and create something amazing together. I enjoy working with entrepreneurs who share my values for building community and putting good energy out in the world. When I work with a client I become one of their biggest cheerleaders as we work towards providingContinue reading “Don’t be content with satisfying your customers”

What I learned from a flexibility training class

I have mentioned that I’ve been taking a splits training class from Luna Mammon at Amethyst Dance & Fitness since the end of November. I’m a runner and my hip flexors and glutes are always angry at me so I figured it was worth a shot. So, now I’m 4 months in and I’ve learnedContinue reading “What I learned from a flexibility training class”

Don’t forget to take your medicine

As a longtime (lifetime?) sufferer of anxiety, medication is just a part of my daily routine.  There are times when I’ve had a chart to check off all of my various prescriptions and vitamins and other supplements. I acknowledge anti-anxiety drugs will be with me for the rest of my life. (Since I was 20 IContinue reading “Don’t forget to take your medicine”

Is the fitness industry open to everybody?

My upcoming birthday has had me reflecting and questioning most things in my life, but especially my own self image and how that fits in to the fitness industry. When I attended Amanda Vogel‘s session on social media and fitness at CanFitPro’s Vancouver FitExpo, it left me all fired up and seriously questioning how theContinue reading “Is the fitness industry open to everybody?”

#IAmStrong celebrates International Women’s Day

Something amazing happened in a little village in Nova Scotia on Saturday morning. A group of women filled a gymnasium and celebrated their strength and claimed their power. I had the pleasure of organizing the 2nd annual #IAmStrong Workout in Honour of International Women’s Day, hosted by Fitness Junkies with special guest, The Yoga HenContinue reading “#IAmStrong celebrates International Women’s Day”