There’s no magic formula

There’s no magic formula to guarantee your business or practice will be a success, but there are some things you must have or you can guarantee failure.

Can you guarantee success_

  1. A passion for what you do. Nothing turns off clients more than a professional who obviously hates their job.
  2. A sincere desire to help people. Chasing the money can only take you far. That desire to help clients creates the foundation for your business to grow and succeed.
  3. A willingness to learn and grow. Most of us in the health and wellness industry aren’t trained as business people. We need to be open to learning about marketing, bookkeeping, and networking to build our businesses. The learning didn’t stop when you graduated!
  4. An open mind. Your adventure into entrepreneurship can take you in directions you never imagined, so be open minded to feedback, new techniques, and new ideas.


Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey that’s not for everyone. To chat about taking your business in an exciting direction, contact to book an event consult.

A breath of fresh air for your business

It’s a new year and many of us are goal setting for our businesses. How are you going to attract new clients, improve visibility, and increase your sales this year? Simple: get outside.

The Meraki Method

I mean take your business to the great outdoors and breathe some fresh air into your practice! Hold your next class at a park, take your next new client for a walk, host a special outdoor event. Getting outside is good for the body and soul, and don’t forget the attention you’ll attract when folks see your group getting fit and having fun!

Victoria local Stuart Kidson of Rugged Fitness uses the natural environment to meet client’s goals in his mobile outdoor training business and Jill Payne, the Spiritual Athlete walks and talks with her coaching clients. Many fitness businesses are hosting outdoor events as ways to keep clients active and generate extra income.

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