Don’t forget how to play

Everyday I walk my daughter to and from school. This usually involves stopping to play on the playground and watching these kids swing and climb and slide with ease. No fear. No hesitation to try swinging from bar to bar. No qualms at jumping from a height. When do we lose this ability to play?

At the bungee fitness charity event I was at on Saturday, I noticed many people seemed almost afraid to move and explore what a body can do with the bungee harness. Where did this fear come from? I know my fear shows up when I’m faced with plyometrics, especially box jumps. (Aside from the fear many women who have borne children can identify with.) The first day of school I tried to swing from the monkey bars and it was a complete joke. When the hell did I lose the ability to play on a damn playground? Is it a physical issue or a mental block?


I saw an ad for an adult sleep-away camp and it looked like so much fun. Watch kids play and it’s plain to see that they’re just having fun. Sometimes there are rules, sometimes not. Just play. Fun. We NEED that as adults. We need to remember what having fun and moving is all about. What did that feel like? I know I feel it after a great run. I also felt it after Mud Hero. I see the local sports and social club playing volleyball outdoors and it looks like they’re having fun.

Do you like to swim. Go do it. Do you have fun dancing. Shake a leg! Get outside and chase your kids around. Bring a ball to the park and play. Grab some friends and go for a walk or beachcombing. Have fun! Maybe through the fun of playing we can re-teach our bodies and minds to move without fear. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find me swinging on the monkey bars someday!


*photo is Stephanie Choquette of Rock Your Body Fitness demonstrating her fearless box jumping skills!

My secret weapon

When it rains it pours. Know what I mean? I am thankful for the events Im working on, however sometimes they all seem to come at me at once. That in addition to being a mom, wife, friend, neighbour…it can almost be overwhelming. But I’ve got a secret weapon.

My tribe. My people. My peeps. I am lucky enough to have a supportive family (parents and siblings included) and an amazing group of people who stand beside me and behind me in just about everything I do. It’s hard not to feel confident moving forward through anything with this gaggle of groupies on my side.


When I plan an event, they are the first ones to sign up or share a post. When I’m taking on a tough workout, they’re my biggest and loudest cheerleaders. When I feel like it’s getting close to being too much, they remind me that I can take on anything because I am strong and capable.

I also have my virtual team on my side. These are the folks out there in the world who I look up to am inspired by. A few are my business coach Eleanor Beaton, the Guy in the Grey Hoodie himself, Todd Durkin, Spiritual Athlete Jill Payne, Mel Robbins, Gretchen Rubin, Instagram account lovingmyselfloudly, my Australian run buddy, Benzi…the list goes on. I find support and encouragement from authors and speakers, coaches and bloggers.

All of these folks, near and far, are my secret weapon to take on the world. What (or who?) is yours?

This girl is on fire…I think

Happy Tuesday!

I’ve been pretty much stuck to my desk today, aside from taking my girl to and from school, and I am filled with so much excitement and energy! I’m still working on a couple of events happening back in Nova Scotia (so when I told the other mom on the playground that I’m flying back to NS to get my hair done, that’snot the only reason I’m travelling across the country!) but I’ve also lined up a couple of events taking place here in Victoria.

Hello I recently mailed out these fun little postcards to introduce myself to local wellness and fitness businesses and one of those awesome peeps contact me and now I’m helping her put together an amazing fundraiser for the Red Cross and BC Wildfire relief. Not only is this event for a great cause but it’s a chance for folks to experience the ONLY bungee fitness workout in Canada! It’s super fun, but not as easy as it looks, so I encourage EVERYONE to fork over a suggested donation of $10 to give it a go!


I also found out that a local women’s event is interested in having me speak! SAY wha?!? Add that to my presentation at the Esquimalt MFRC Pacific Women’s Day in November and this girl is flyin’ today! I feel like I’m on fire! Both of these speaking engagements are on the same days as my good friend’s #IAmStrong events back in NS so I’m choosing to believe it’s meant to be and good things are in my future!

Isn’t it amazing what we can achieve when we simply get out there and do something about what lights our fire? Go on and get burnin’!






Change your life with a special type of coffee!

Wrap your midsection in plastic and lose inches!

Sprinkle this on your meal and lose instantly!

There’s always some new trend in health and fitness and it can be hard to sort through what’s worthwhile and what’s a waste of time (and usually a bigger waste of money.)  Most sound too good to be true and the majority of consumers out there realize that. But what about those tricky, sneaky trends and ideas that spout data and research and seem like a good idea? Consider some of the health documentaries on Netflix lately: there’s one that suggests eating eggs is equivalent to smoking cigarettes. And the one pointing out the amount of sugar in the majority of grocery store products. Oh, and the one suggesting consuming a mostly juice-based diet is the way to achieve optimal health. This is where you come in: people are overwhelmed and this presents an opportunity to grow your business.


Use your expertise to educate people. Give them the facts. Clear up the confusion for them. Is eating eggs as harmful to my health as smoking? Should I completely eliminate all sugar from my diet? Should I be buying a juicer and an unending supply of produce? People need to know how to follow a healthy, balanced, diet that is sustainable!

The public are also craving information on fitness and health treatments, too. Watch a documentary on CrossFit and think it must be the way to go? Maybe not.  What’s the most effective form of pain relief? Maybe acupuncture is right for you. Consumers are looking for answers and advice, so give it to them! They want your help, and many need it now.

If they don’t get accurate information from us, who are they getting information from? (Anyone following the battle between Dr. Jennifer Gunter and GOOP?) Don’t let celebrities and pseudo-scientists take control of the industry. YOU are the expert, here!



Am I doing this right?

I know it’s Labour Day, but as an entrepreneur my work tends to ignore the calendar. I saw that a local fitness studio was offering an open house for her bungee fitness program today so I jumped at the chance to leave the kids home with Daddy and see what it was all about!

Studio Fitness in Victoria ( is the only studio offering bungee fitness in Canada (!) and it won’t be long before fit pros across the country have people raving about this style of workout. As I was watching the instructor, Justina Bailey, help people into the harnesses and coach them through different exercises, the importance of properly educating clients came up over and over again.

Have you ever attended a workout class where the instructor re-positioned your hips or cue you on proper pelvic tilt? I hope so, but sadly I know that not everyone doing squats has their knees where they should be and even that not every runner is exercising in the most efficient posture. So, why are so many folks doing things incorrectly?


Even if your clients aren’t asking “Am I doing this right?”, they’re wondering. Clients don’t want to feel like they’re asking a stupid question. Many clients walk into a new class expecting themselves to already be experts. They feel like they should already know what a neutral pelvis feels like. 

I once attended a Zumba class and didn’t even break a sweat. I walked away feeling like something was wrong. Something was! The instructor wasn’t at the top of her game in assessing and responding to the class and I was too shy to speak up.  Not anymore…I want an effective workout so I ask questions and I seek out instructors who are tuned in to what every participant is doing in class. Are you assessing your clients? Are you tuned in to what your clients are doing? Are they doing things right?  

This need for education presents an opportunity for your business to grow and for you to establish yourself as a leader in your field. Maybe you need to hold workshops on proper pelvic position or clinics on proper running gait. Perhaps you need to limit the size of your classes or hire another fit pro to help you assess clients’ position. Try connecting with physiotherapists and rehab specialists to reach a new client base, and these specialists should be connecting with you to ease their clients back into safe, effective activity. The opportunities are out there! So, if no one in your class is asking “Am I doing this right?” you need to ask yourself  the same question.


Paying to play

I just got home from a run where I was trying out an interval training timer app in preparation for a new fitness program I’m trying out starting Monday. A fitness business launched a test run of her new program and I was thrilled to hop on board. As I was cooling down I started thinking of how paying for the privilege to participate in this program is an interesting notion. Why would someone pay to test run a program?

Why should someone pay you for what you do- (2)


I’m excited to be in the same area as this fitness maven and I’ve been following her business on social media. I decided that once I moved to BC I was going to connect with her somehow. When I saw this opportunity on Twitter I jumped on it! Paying to get a sneak peek into her fitness expertise is well worth it from a business point of view.

From a personal fitness perspective, my body needs this reset. Moving across the country and the chaos of settling in to a new life has upset my nutrition and exercise routine. Being held accountable to a group of people pursuing similar goals is going to motivate me to make healthier choices and push myself hard enough to see real results. So paying to be part of this program makes sense from a personal wellness point of view.

In a world where everyone loves to get something for free, keep in mind that asking clients to make an investment improves participation. Someone is more likely to stick with it when they’ve shelled out some cash. Clients see something as more worthwhile and more valuable when you assign a monetary value to it. “This program must be good if it costs this much!” Clients know the value of a good vehicle or good quality entertainment. Teach them that their health is a worthy investment. 

I’m excited to be part of this test run crew and I’m looking forward to the challenge. I made the decision that I’m worth the investment in her expertise and I want to remind you all that as business owners you need to make money. Don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth and don’t under value your product or service. People who recognize that WILL pay to play;-)