Are you a REAL fitness pro?


As I am growing my Instagram following, I’m noticing the outrageous number of “fitness” accounts that are nothing but ripped abs, avocado toast*, and bikini selfies. It is disheartening and discouraging because that’s not what I look like and I know that’s not the reality for many potential clients out there. Fitness to me is not about spray tans and protein shakes and wearing the best gear in the best lighting in the most optimal pose to accentuate my assests. Be real people! Clients are looking to us to motivate and inspire, yes, but also to educated and coach and guide them along their journey.

avocado toast

I personally don’t recommend supplements to people because I personally don’t use them. I encourage people to educate themselves and seek out an expert before investing their money and health in a product. I don’t advocate a vegan diet because I personally do not eat vegan. I do advocate for including yoga in your routine because I have experienced its benefits. I urge people to work towards loving themselves because it’s a journey I’m on as well.

I saw online a meme that said “Be who you post to be” and I am asking all of you health and fitness peeps out there: are YOU who you post to be?


*I do not enjoy avocado toast.

What is self-care worth?

Self-care. It’s all over the internet: I see dozens of self-care infographics on my Pinterest feed and I hear it being discussed on afternoon talk shows (which are just on in the background while I’m busy doing other things). I even saw a thread on Twitter just yesterday about the importance of self-care to physicians. Is self-care just another fad that will lose popularity in a few months?



Will you lose interest in your kids or partner in a few months? Will your health be less important in a few months? I’m a mom to two very busy little spitfires. I’m married to a military man and I’m a business owner and teacher. There are lots of people and things that seem to come first. I’ve struggled with the advice that suggests I take care of myself first, so I can better take care of others. I’ve struggled, but I’m getting better at it because after I taught full-time last fall and let everything else come first, I came to appreciate how important prioritizing myself actually is. Also, how important it is to actually do it not just talk about it.

My fitness routine suffered. It was so easy to skip a bootcamp class or stay home from a run because I had marking or chores to do. It became easier to pick up fast food than to cook a healthy, balanced meal. And it became way too easy to tell my kids I was “too tired” or “too busy” to play. Imagine my shame when I heard my 3 year old talking about himself being “too busy” to do such-and-such while playing pretend with his sister. Ouch!

I rededicated myself to my fitness. I started practicing yoga. I plan my day to allow time to run or get to a fitness class. I try to include more veggies and whole foods in our meals. I try to make playtime a priority, for my kids and myself. Today, right now, is a play day at our house. We’re not running errands or rushing around: the order of the day is to play and read and play some more.

Why is self-care important for doctors? teachers? moms? dads? kids? Checked your Facebook feed or Twitter account recently? What’s it full of? Information that wants to drag you down. We are called upon to meet the demands and needs of everyone around us but we need to take care of ourselves. If you feel guilty making time to read a book, quietly by yourself: don’t. Stop feeling guilty! You will be a better spouse, business owner, co-worker, employee when you are happy and healthy. Think of the positive example you are setting for your kids and friends.

Self-care means taking care of yourself. That’s nothing to feel guilty about.

I was lying in bed reading a Mel Robbins book (“Stop Saying You’re Fine”) and she was talking about choices. About how having so many choices has become overwhelming for us and how most times when someone is presented with too many choices, they end up choosing nothing. I hopped up out of bed and started jotting notes for this blog post.

Think about it: how many fitness and wellness options are there in your community? How many gyms are nearby? How many fitness dvds are there on the shelves at Walmart? How many nutritional supplements are there at the local pharmacy? How many chiropractic clinics are there in your area? How are your clients supposed to choose? This is where I come in.

(after use, please put it backin its proper place)

To establish yourself as the BEST choice for your ideal client I will help you figure out how to stand out in the crowd and be the ONLY choice for that client. Ask yourself who your ideal client is and we’ll work together to create an opportunity for you to reach them where they are and welcome them in to your unique community. Ask yourself why you’re the BEST and ONLY choice for your clients and we’ll build an experience to highlight that expertise.


*I urge you to go check out Mel Robbins before you do anything else!