So…what do you do?

You’ve all been asked this question. Maybe by your cousin’s new boyfriend or your dad’s colleague or the person sitting next to you on a plane. So, what do you do?

How do you answer that? “I’m a personal trainer.” “I teach Zumba.” “I’m a physiotherapist.” “I’m just an osteopath.” Come on friends! Let’s change how you answer that because as fitness and wellness professionals WE CHANGE LIVES.  

I’m not JUST anything. I’m an event planner, yes, but what I really do is help other entrepreneurs with a passion for helping people achieve optimal health reach more clients and therefore help more people live better lives. Personal trainers help people set goals and work towards reaching them. Zumba instructors encourage people to have fun, express themselves, and reach better levels of fitness. Physiotherapists and osteopaths helps clients regain strength and mobility and improve their quality of life. We help people live their best lives! That’s something to be celebrated!

So, what exactly do I do to help other entrepreneurs? I get creative and help you reach more clients where they are. I help you get out into the community and share your love of health and fitness with people who may be too intimidated to walk into your gym or clinic. I help you promote your business and events by reaching out to media and the community to share your message. I believe in what you are doing to make the world a healthier and happier place. There’s nothing “just” about that.

So, I’ll ask you this question: What do you do?Headshot



Stop should-ing yourself and get on with it!

I haven’t posted in awhile and I apologize. I feel guilty about it and I’m plagued by “shoulds” (as in I should have written on this day, or I should have posted about such and such). Should-ing yourself is tiring so I’m done. I encourage you to be done with the shoulds in your life (and business), too!

This morning I was out the door by 6:30am to attend a networking breakfast I had been invited to. As a newbie here in the Victoria business scene I decided it wasn’t good enough to tell myself that I should go to this event, but that I must go to this event. I kicked some should and got busy doing business, and I have a meeting in the works with a new potential client. SCORE!

So, what are you “shoulding” about in your business life or personal life? What could you start acting on instead? The thought “I should go for a run” popped into my head last night so I put on my sneakers and hit the road. I turned a should into a task I would act on right away.  And I did act on it! I got that shit done, friends!


I attended a Jill Payne ( workshop as a birthday gift to myself back in April, and she mentioned Mel Robbins’ 5 second rule (…roughly translated, she states that if something pops into your head, you must act on it within 5 seconds or it very easily becomes one of those nasty, stinky shoulds. I’ve been trying to do just that more often: the idea to contact someone pops into my head so I pull over if necessary and fire off an email or text; going for a run or doing a yoga video wanders through my mind so I get changed and get moving…get it? What could you stop putting off and start acting on?

I’m here to help fitness and wellness businesses grow by getting out there and by reaching clients in unique and fun ways. Is your business ready to stop shoulding its pants and ready to start growing its impact?