Something worth getting excited about

I just got home from a busy day and I’m feeding the kids, feeding myself, dealing with the issues that came up during the day, and surveying my social media when I saw that a fellow military spouse had just posted her elevator pitch on a Facebook group I’m part of. Turns out she’s involved in fitness and wellness so I decided to reach out.

This lovely lady is about to pursue yoga teacher training and through chatting I discovered a kindred spirit: someone who wants others to appreciate what their body can do and embrace their health and fitness! YAY! A like-minded individual who is seeking support and encouragement!

I find it amazing when we connect with people who totally get who we are and why we do what we do. It feels energizing, doesn’t it? Like we can take on the world! Guess what? WE CAN! I’m sitting here practically buzzing with excitement at the possibilities that lie ahead! There is so much opportunity to welcome people into our fitness communities and grow, grow, grow!

I encourage you all to seek out people who share your vision and connect with them, whether it be in person, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Support the work they’re doing (’cause we’re all working our butts off here) and start growing that fitness community from the inside out!



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